Where Have All the Daylilies Gone???

It is January.  Cold, black and white, slippery January.  Christmas is done and work starts Monday.  And, for some reason, my mind craves the color of my daylily garden.  So, I went through and made a video (pardon the length) with all nearly 200 of my cultivators from 2019.  It was a crazy summer in the garden – even though I had to work most of it, I still saw a lot of blooms.


I am jazzed to see how my new camera does next summer.  Come on June!!!

Tiptoe Through the 2016 Daylilies with Me!

I may be dating myself, but I will never forget Tiny Tim singing Tiptoe through the Tulips on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in.  When I decided to make this compilation of all my 2016 cultivators (all have bloomed, although some still have scapes/buds), it was a little like tiptoeing through my garden.  The song came to mind.  I would like to redo this with the day of the first and last bloom (in blooming order) sometime this winter when it is minus something and I need a daylily fix.  It serves a purpose of not just lifting the spirit, but providing a timeline for predicting future years.  So, here is the movie.

PS – My blooms today were Red Hot Returns, Frans Hals, Heirloom Heaven, and Orange Flurry.  Mostly, though, my work was fertilizing pots and moving one daylily to a sunnier spot.  I was just reading up on it, and I do think I need to give these guys some nutrition twice a year.  It is the desert, after all.   I need this foliage to be a bit less anemic when the spring comes around, again.  It is all a learning curve.