SAD: Succulent Addictive Disorder

The days are about to get colder and darker. We are back in severe drought in my corner of Colorado. The wet spring was nice, but gone once our monsoon season was mediocre. I did put leaf mulch on my daylilies and started winter watering last weekend.

My echeveria after the sprinkler hit it last month.

I have thyroid disease and so time changes/dark days are difficult for me. Full spectrum light can help. I believe my mix of full spectrum, flourscent and purple plant lights help. I also think living in an indoor forest boosts positive energy. Something is always coming into bloom. Right now, it’s my vanda orchid, azalea, poinsettias and begonia. The Thanksgiving cactus aren’t for off. January/February will bring the orchids.

One of my poinsettias coming into bloom.

Speaking of orchids – I have over 40. They fill two rooms. They were what got my through some tough times, working at home fulltime (isolation) and separation from family. Now, I work long weeks away from home. Orchids are hard to keep up with . . . There are too many. And, my environment is nothing like their natural habitat.

One of my new orchid pots.

I’ve spent a horrific amount of money the last two months. I converted the orchids back to wood chips (from water), because that doesn’t require as much work. But, I needed several new orchid pots.

Red bromeliad – a mail order neo from Florida.

Then came the shift to air plants, succulents, and bromeliads. I gave away plants that didn’t fit the new theme. I bought new plants to create my new reality. The house feels a little different, more fun. More creative. My bank account . . . Hmmm.

My new succulent pot with crassela, aloe, miniature sansevieria, and others.

Yesterday, I played with succulent containers. It was my Saturday escape. I got 3 kinds of crassela, a reddish sempervivum, an aloe, a miniature sansevieria, a turquoise one with teardrop leaves – need ID. I used an outdoor pot whose plant had died.

Fountain converted into home for succulents and an air plant. I want to paint the frog green.

I added a couple of new succulents to the two converted fountains that I started using for succulents.

My Toki Dokie bird fountain converted to a succulent garden.

I felt pretty awful yesterday. Mostly tired, I just wanted to sleep. But, despite wondering what I was doing shopping for succulents when I felt so poorly, it turned my energy around.

Air plants hang from baskets in my kitchen window.

Creativity is a strength. It’s my top one. I have an appreciation of nature/beauty strength and curiosity in my top 5 strengths. Bringing those out really helped.

My new red desert rose plant.

I’m way over budget and out of light for more plants. I need to find other outlets for these strengths. I’ve thought of painting succulents. I love painting daylilies. Still, my art cove feels a little isolated. I’ll figure something out between winter watering my daylilies. In the mean time, I’ll live with my SAD: succulent addictive disorder.

PS, I’m considering at Etsy sales page once I have enough cuttings.

Like an Advent Calendar (sort of)

Last blog, I compared daylilies to popcorn – starting to pop slowly, then reaching peak season.  That is a good analogy, but it is incomplete because each kernel of corn is the same basic size and color.  So, my other analogy is an advent calendar minus the religious meaning.


Kokopelli 6/5/18


When I was a kid, I loved my advent calendars every year.  I have curiosity as a strength, so opening that little paper window every day was thrilling to me.  What was behind door #1, door #2 and door #3?  So, something in daylily blooms that is like opening a surprise door to see each cultivator.   Today’s doors were Kokopelli and Saratoga Springtime.

Saratoga Springtime6.5.1

Saratoga Springtime 6/5/18

This time of year, I hunt scapes every day.  Today, I bet I found half dozen new ones . . . Route 66, Happy Returns, a couple of mystery ones, and one from the Southwest garden (but I forgot which one).  And, last but not least, Nurse’s Stethoscope!


Nurse’s Stethoscope scape 6/5/18

I am super jazzed about Nurse’s Stethoscope because I helped to name it!  You see, during that whole deal about “Show me your stethoscope” a few years ago, I posted the suggestion to the national daylily society Facebook page.  The hybridizer is also in healthcare – she liked the name and the next year Nurse’s Stethoscope became a registered daylily.  I held off buying her because she is new and still expensive.  But, last year, I decided she would be the last major daylily purchase (other than replacements) for my yard.  She cost $100.  I thought myself crazy, except I helped to name her.  She is my daylily legacy!  I worried all winter that the drought would kill her – and winter waterings hold some risk with freeze-thaw plant loss.  But, she turned green and got big.  Today, there they were, two beautiful scapes.  Advent calendar joy fills my heart!


A photo of Nurse’s Stethoscope from her hybridizer’s page