The Christmas Succulent Succulent Tree

It’s almost Christmas. My poinsettias are looking a little worn down and my amaryllis have yet to send up a stalk. So, Saturday I was looking for something else on the web and succulent ornaments popped up. For some reason, that grabbed my attention.

I have two 5-6 foot pencil cacti that come in for the winter. One of them is my regular ornament and lights tree. My cats do not mess with those. I’ve used them as Christmas Trees for years now. I think they like the lights. They are succulents and a close relative of the poinsettias. My second cactus is not near a plug, so it’s been bare. But, it hits me that I could hang succulent ornaments on it.

I spent the morning shopping for succulents and moss. Home Depot had several colors of twine. I was set. I came home and made the kokedama (moss balls) and dipped them in algae water. Then an ornament hook, and my succulent became a succulent tree.

Today, I decided I needed a few more succulents. It occurs to me that I could make a star out of a larger moss ball. So, off to the store for supplies.

The star was a challenge to make. I’m a little worried it won’t last, as the cuttings need to root and the moss will be damp for a few days. It was also too heavy to set on the tree, so its suspended from the ceiling.

Anyway, I’ll probably need to add a plant light to that area. I’ll leave the babies up year-round. I imagine they will love my porch in the summer.

I wonder if the project is sustainable? It seems like the succulents ornaments may need to be enlarged if the succulents grow. They are not rolling stones.

And so it is, the first year of the succulent succulent tree.

White Roses and Orange Spice

I was happy with 5 poinsettias. I really was. I was thrilled that they all bloomed this year, again. Big success with added artificial light. Oh, I kinda wanted a fall colored one, but that would be all.

Then, I spied the Valentine poinsettia rhe day after Thanksgiving (see last post). Next, I found a cute Christmas pot out in the Christmas, so got a small plain white one.

But, it doesn’t stop there. I went to the city and visited the nursery for a plant for a friend, and, there was orange spice. I had one this color year before last and it did not make it to spring. So, I had to try a larger one.

Ok, I’m done. Well, until I get to the grocery store and find one “white winter rose” poinsettia. This is an off white version of my valentine poinsettia. So, I just couldn’t leave it there. Lol. I’m up to 10. Seriously, why? Because they are colorful and kinda fun to grow.

Hopefully, some of my amaryllis will spike soon. I have half dozen orchids in spike and my paph, Stella Scope, bloomed this week.