The Loneliest Number

One. That is the number of Premiers today. Just Bold Tiger – a fun, traditional bloom in the yard.

Bold Tiger 7.20.20

If feels good to slow down . . . only 16 or so premiers all season. I love the blooms. But it feels overwhelming on top of a busy job because I am a perfectionist with the photos and it takes hours at peak to water, take photos, blog.

Happy Returns 7.20.20

I had an Encore today – the first of the season. Happy Returns returned . . . oh, those yellow trumpets!

Passionate Returns 7.19.20

I am not doing great keeping up with Finales but I did have final blooms on Passionate Returns and Cherokee Star today. So, today the finales outnumber the premiers for the first time this season, I believe.

Cherokee Star 7.19.20

Soon enough, the blog will be less often and I will pick up other pieces of my life, again. It will be cold and dark – my daylilies will live on my memory card until next spring.

Three’s Company: Week 1 Roll-Call

Daylily season has begun. I have been trying to remember all of the things I did with the blog last year. I know I did Premier (first bloom for each cultivator, Encore for reblooms and Finales for the final bloom of each cultivator.

Saratoga Springtime 6.5.20

Because of the number of flowers I have at peak, it is easier to show Premiers, Encores, and Finales in the daily blog and try to do all the bloomers that week on Sunday. If I have less than 10 cultivators in bloom, I still post each one – so we have a couple weeks. I get a little burned out with it – but it only is crazy for a couple of weeks.

Dream Keeper (My first Ned Roberts bloom for 2020 with a few extra pedals 6.6.20

The other difference on Sunday is that I try to use Powershot photos and not phone photos. During the week, I don’t always have time but I try.

Stella de Oro 6.7.20

So, as you can see (above), Stella de Oro joined the group today. 3 out of 171 bloomed so far with 55 spikes or so. And 171 cultivators. That is a 1.7% bloom rate. No where to go but up. I am just glad these kids are resilient because the wind has been blowing constantly since the rain stopped yesterday – gusts to 60 MPH. Poor early bloomers get Springtime in the Rockies. Let’s see what tomorrow blows in . . .