I Dig the Mamas and the Papas

I Dig The Mamas And The Papas At “The Trip, “
Sunset Strip In L.A.
And They Got A Good Thing Goin’
When The Words Don’t Get In The Way.

I chuckle today at the double meaning in the old Peter, Paul and Mary song. I do dig the Mamas and the Papas – literally and figuratively. Mama Cuna and Papa Longlegs, that is. Well, hey, today they showed up on the same day so the song has been in my head all day. See the featured photo for the cultivator blooms together today.

And, all day, I have been working in the daylily garden or on my photos because another record was broken today . . . 69 cultivators in bloom. It is partially bloom rate and partially bud count. These guys are blooming for weeks instead of days. I do have other things I need to do . . . I am glad I cleaned the house before this hit!

OK, so in addition to Mama Cuna of the Mamas and Papas, I had 6 premiers today – 7 total. We are still on top of the Grand Daylily Mesa with the blooms – this high plateau is like watching COVID cases last summer – but hopefully it dies down without a real epidemic because I have altitude sickness already.

Coburg Fright Wig 7.11 – I ordered this years ago for my front garden when I was filling it out with daylilies.
Fairy Tale Pink 7.11 – I believe this was a bonus several years ago. She is doing better with a drip system!
Lime Frost 7.11 – I wouldn’t mind a lime frost from the 7.11 about now. She was mail order several years ago, I believe. I really need to move my daylily software to my functioning computer because it knows.
Mama Cuna 7.11 – all wrapped up in the yucca. She has great big blooms.
Nearly Wild 7.11 – She was a bonus and I think she got her name because she looks like her ditch lily ancestor.
Purple de Oro 7.11 – A small grape colored bloom. I have never been super attached. Her pot is full of grass. Maybe I should put another mini in with her?
Red Hot Returns 7.11 – A parent to Passionate Returns. Local nursery cultivator.

This is usually about the time of year when I see the peak fading and I hate my bloom rate so I head to the nursery for a couple that still have buds so I can have a few more blooms. I am not doing that this year – although there is a Ned Roberts that I may add to the collection next year. Help me, I am drowning in the Mamas and the Papas! Please, dig me out of these blooms!

So, here are the finales so far this year.

Saratoga Springtime finale 6.23
Yellow Punch finale 7.4
Stella finale 7.1
Funny Valentine finale 7.8
Petite Petticoats finale 7.10
Alabama Jubilee finale 7.10
Scorpio finale 6.29
Mauna Loa finale 7.10
Platinum Pink Pallet Whispers finale 7.2
Land of Enchantment finale 7.11
Apache Bandana finale 7.10
Purple Moonrise finale 7.5
Orchid Moonrise finale 7.8
Dream Keeper finale 7.1
Echo Canyon finale 7.10
Comanche Princess finale 7.11
NOID Big Red Rhyme finale 7.11
NOID Red Riddle finale 7.9
Feather Woman finale 7.11
Pink and Cream finale 7.11

That is 117 in and 20 out, meaning I have 90 some actively blooming and others with premiers coming soon.


The summer wears on, the peak starts to decline a little (only 40 some daylilies today).  It was scape cutting day.  It is always a little sad to me to cut off a scape – like cleaning up wrapping paper after Christmas.  Less flowers mean more are having finales than births.  I think of fireworks . . . that last big blast.  Now that we are down to way less new blooms every day (we have had 108 so far – 62% bloom rate), I thought I might feature some finale blooms from around the yard, too.  One last chance to savor the colors until winter washes into summer, again.

So, let’s start with the new one.  Lime Frost bloomed.  She is a fairly large flower with the pretty green/yellow tint.  She was one of my early online nursery purchases.  I remember wanting a green one.


Lime Frost 7.14

OK – and finales go to Mesa Verde (she may have one bud left).  She has been an excellent performer, starting on 6/16.  She is one of my favorite ruffly ones . . . and one that lives in my back porch in the winter.  A couple years ago, my cat dug up her roots in the winter and I feared she was a gonner.  I guess not.  Now, I have chicken wire covers for the porch daylilies.


Mesa Verde 7.14

The other finale is Kachina Firecracker.  This was the one I thought was Echo Canyon when I first posted about her.  The year I put her (and Kachina Dancer) in the garden, I adopted a dog.  It was just a day or two after putting in the lilies.  The rescue pup’s name was Tina, so I renamed her Kachina because the name seemed to fit.


Kachina Firecracker 7.14

Today, I moved Blackthorne and Autumn Jewels to the Border Garden.  I hooked them up to the drip system that I have out there.  I put a tad of fertilizer on them and the SW garden.  I hope the monsoons come soon – it almost sprinkled twice today, so maybe soon.  Oh, and sweet news – it looks like Indian Love Call is sending up a re-bloom spike!!!

OK – Other bloomers today were Comanche Princess, Papa Longlegs, Taco Twister, Dream Catcher, Soco Gap, Purple Grasshopper, Aztec Firebird, Adios Albuquerque, Nosferatu, Red Riddle, Cheddar Cheese, Heron’s Cove, Purple de Oro, Bluegrass Music, Mildred Mitchell, South Seas, Classy Lady, Mellon Balls, Lullabye Baby, Ruby Spider, Return a Smile, Bela Lugosi, Pick of the Litter, Raspberry Propeller, Lady Fingers, Black-Eyed Susan, Indian Sky, Stephanie Returns, Mini Pearl, Pink and Cream, Prelude to Love, Hesperus, Ruby Stella, Nurse’s Stethoscope, and Fox Ears.

PS – I will keep better track of finales starting tomorrow.  🙂