Savoring at Half-Time!

Today, I have a new bloom!  Except, maybe it is cheating to add a new daylily with lots of buds the day before.  Or, maybe not.  How could I resist with a name like Cherokee Star?


Daylilies are often pretty fragrant, but I get so hung up with using my visual sense that I forget to smell them.  Then, as the blooms slow, I remember.  Savoring the second half of summer is a joy.

Monday and Thursday are my 10 hour days, and the first week of the month is a killer! So, I savor where and when I can.  I brainstorm ideas for flourishing daylilies in my spare moments.  I savor ideas about growing a flourishing life, too.  I need to get a “Lessons from Daylilies” poster . . . or make one.

Tomorrow, Coral Taco is going to bust open, me thinks.  That bud is huge!!!  And, so we start month three of daylily season.