July Grit

Today was a mellow day in the garden with 13 cultivators in bloom.  It has been weeks since we had under 10 in a day, but it won’t be weeks until that happens, again.  The workday brought more news of change – meaning lots more work in the weeks to come.  I guess it is good daylily season is winding down because I am sure there will be a lot of very long days in my future!  I am kind of like a daylily any more – I open with such creative color, but after a few hours I am feeling the heat.  By the end of 11 or 12 hours, I wilt.  I need a winter rest!

So, for fun, I looked back to see what was in bloom on July 1st.  And, two of those daylilies were still in bloom today!  So, hats off to our July Grit Girls, Passionate Returns and Yellow Punch!

July Grit Girls:


Passionate Returns 7.31


Yellow Punch 7.31

Passionate Returns is also a finale bloom – for now.  I am hoping for a rebloom.  To be honest, I think the same may be true for Yellow Punch, but I don’t remember.

Other Finales:


Heron’s Cove 7.31


Anasazi 7.31

And, OK, I gotta share Purple Corn Dancer from today because she is stealing my heart.  I want to paint her this winter if my hands will allow it.


Purple Corn Dancer 7.31

So, this is the last week of not posting every cultivator that bloomed that day in the daily blog.  And, the blog may not be daily by the end of August.  In September, it will go weekly, most likely.  I am still looking for any late bloomers that did not bloom yet to put up scapes . . . not much to report.  The good news is Indian Sky is putting out 2 brand new scapes, so she will be with us for a while longer.

Other bloomers today where Dream Catcher, El Desperado, Rosie’s Red, Classy Lady, Orange Vols, Mini Pearl, Tiger Kitten, and Nearly Wild.


Today was split shift . . . a day of grit to get more daylilies protected from the soil and roots in my home ground.  I gotta tell you, I am ready to be done.  And, yet, I have barely started in the Southwest garden.  Ugh, that clay soil is definitely part of the problem in the area where the daylilies are not thriving as much.  I put my first two full pots out there, buried.  The challenge is to make sure the sprinkler hose hits them.  Some others are in bottomless pots, and some in the black nursery containers, mostly without bottoms.  We will see what works.  It is possible that what works is just digging deeper in that clay and replacing it with real soil.  But, the pots keep the unwanted roots out.  Grit.

So, I had no new blooms.  Decided to play with my photo editor.  So, here is Indian Sky from today in colored chalk.


Also, I am resharing my Ned Roberts spider collage because I forgot Glen Eyrie.  I guess 19 out of 69 could be worse. Almost 30%.  But, that clay has to get split up to improve things.  Next year, I would like to hit 40.  Keep on digging.  Grit! Except, this weekend I have a date with my tent.


Collage 2017-08-01 21_55_17Roberts.jpg

Left to Right: Top Row – Adios Albuquerque, Aztec Firebird, Black Ice, Chaco Canyon, Chief Four Fingers, Coral Taco.  Middle Row: Desert Icicle, Dream Catcher, Dream Keeper, Ghost Ranch, Glen Eyrie, Kokopelli, Papa Longlegs. Bottom Row – Pink Enchilada, Pueblo Dancer, Rasberry Propeller, Skinwalker, Twirling Pinata, Zuni Thunderbird