July’s Colorful Parade

Are you ready for a beautiful July parade? Here goes – a listing of all of my daylilies that had first blooms in July. I count 81. Enjoy!

Apache Bandana 7.6.20
Autumn Jewels 7.22.20
Aztec Firebird 7.22.20
Baja 7.18.20
Bela Lugosi 7.22.20
Bella Boo 7.6.20
Black Arrowhead 7.19.20
Black Eyed Susan 7.2.20
Black Ice 7.22.20
Bold Tiger 7.26.20
Carlotta 7,30.20
Cheddar Cheese 7.4.20
Cherokee Star 7.6.20
Chokecherry Mountain 7.20.20
Chorus Line 7.29.20
Classy Lady 7.29.20
Coyote Laughs 7.17.20
Cripple Creek 7.29.20
Dancing Maiden 7.20.20
Desert Icicle 7.30.20
Dream Catcher 7.28.20
El Desperado 7.30.20
Fairy Tale Pink 7.22.20
Fine Time Lucille 7.19.20
Fooled Me 7.6.20
Frans Hals 7.22.20
Fringe Benefit 7.21.10
Glen Eyrie 7.29.30
Golden Eclipse 7.30.20
Happy Hopi 7.3.20
Heirloom Heaven 7.30.20
Heron’s Cove 7.3.1
Hesperus 7.29.30
Holy Sombrero 7.3.20
Hopi Jewel 7.17.1
Iktomi 7.30.20
Indian Giver 7.2.20
Indian Sky 7.28.20
Just Plum Happy 7.16.1
Kachina Firecracker 7.30.20
Kiva Dancer 7.4.20
Lacy Doily 7.7.1
Lime Frost 7.16.20
Lobo Lucy 7.21.20
Longlesson Showoff 7.20.20
Mama Cuna 7.22.20
Marque Moon 7.21.20
Maya Cha Cha 7.22.20
Navajo Grey Hills 7.30.20
Nona’s Garnet Spider 7.28.20
Nosferatu 7.27.20
Orange Flurry 7.26.20
Orange Vols 7.28.20
Painted Petroglyph 7.21.20
Papa Longlegs 7.16.20
Pardon Me 7.17.20
Passionate Returns 7.17.20
Prairie Wildfire 7.2.20
Prelude to Love 7.27.20
Purple de Oro 7.4.20
Raspberry Propeller 7.17.20
Raven Woodsong 7.18.20
Red Hot Returns 7.17.20
Red Mystery 7.17.20
Route 66 7.5.20
Royal Palace Prince 7.30.20
Ruby Stella 7.30.20
Shape Shifter 7.22.20
Skinwalker 7.29.20
Soco Gap 7.5.20
South Seas 7.17.20
Spirit of the Morning 7.27.20
Moon over Chimayo 7.20.20
Stephanie Returns 7.19.20
Taco Twister 7.21.20
Talon 7.27.20
Thin Man 7.4.20
Treasure of the Southwest 7.30.20
Twirling Pinata 7.29.20
Winds of Love 7.19.20
Zuni Thunderbird 7.22.20

Shift Happens

I am so excited to be ALMOST done with the buried daylily pots.  I have 48 done (in the Southwestern garden), 4 to go. Well, if you don’t count the 20+ that I am not potting this year.  I have to tell you that potting the front garden and potting the Southwest garden are day and night different.  One is an easy dig, pull weeds out, put in a pot, and easy dig to replace the pot.  The Southwestern garden is hard dig with root clippers, shovel, trowel.  I feel like a surgeon doing open heart surgery of something!  Seriously.  I dig enough heavy clay dirt and roots out of each hole to nearly fill one of the big Home Depot buckets (times 48).  Then, I bag it and have to dispose of it when done.  Fitting in nursery pots is harder than decorative pots because they are not tapered.  My carpal tunnel gets so crazy it feels like I am getting shocked.

I am hoping to see new growth on the transplants soon.  It seems a bit slow.  I will fertilize once I finish the last 4 pots.  This weekend . . . finished.  This has been the biggest garden project of my life, especially if you count the veggie garden.

Anyway, I had four cool visitors today.

Anasazi had a bit of a double bloom.


Heirloom Heaven bloomed her last bloom of 2017.


Passionate Returns continues to be awesome.  I honestly had no idea I would like these blooms so much!  Love the shape and color.


And, good old Pink and Cream, my big box re-bloomer still putting out new scapes.


The kids have returned to the bus stop on my running route.  Soon, there will be daylily-less days.  I still hope to have a few through the first freeze.  We are only 2-3 weeks away from putting the Amaryllis and Poinsettias into hibernation for winter bloom.  When the spring comes again, we will see if the pots really made a difference.  Shift Happens.

Live Life Like a Daylily, One Day at a Time

One of the things that I like best about daylilies is that they are in the moment.  And, when the moment is over, they move on.  They don’t hold on to the past, like we humans do.  So, today they are my mentors.

Today I had four bloomers.  Perhaps this is a sign of optimism from my little friends.  I had little Heirloom Heaven:



Heirloom Heaven – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


And, Frans Hals:



Frans Hals – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Orange Flurry:



Orange Flurry – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Finally, Stella de Oro:



Stella de Oro – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


I love the late fall-colored blooms, but I have got to tell you that I find new roots almost equal in their awesomeness.  I mean, you get some stuff in the mail that looks like wilted root veggies and you trim them back and plant them.  And, within days, they start becoming daylilies.  They are so optimistic about the future!

These are the Painted Petroglyph roots that I planted on Tuesday and they already have new green growth.  I’ll try to take another photo next week for comparison.  Next to the roots is a web photo of the cultivator in bloom.  I cannot wait for spring.


Three is a crowd!

Today, there are only three daylilies in bloom.  Pizza Crust and both the yellow and gold (or light orange) Stellas.  The season winds down, and yet I still have nine cultivator scapes with unbloomed buds.  Three of those have not bloomed yet this year.  And, of course the Stellas are still making new scapes.  That is why I got them.



Pizza Crust – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt




My Yella Stella – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt




Gold Stella – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt




Heirloom Heaven Scapes – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


It’s threatening rain, but not doing much yet.  I did fertilize my pots, so a good drench like we had yesterday would be OK with me.  I also got about half the potted lilies that I am moving to the garden in before the thunder started to pop.  So, here comes the beginning of the transition to fall chores.  Such is the life of a daylily addict.