Catch 22

I swore I would not work putting pots in the Southwest garden again today.  I lost the bet with myself.  Because there was an area on the thriving side that looked sad and I was curious.  What did I find?  Lots of tree roots.  Even the daylily that I put in a half pot a couple months ago had roots growing up into the pot – but the daylily was doing better than without the pot.


Such findings make me feel a little nauseated, really.  I made an investment in daylilies after doing a pilot out there.  All my pilot plants did (and do) beautifully.  So, I make a bigger garden spot there.  The problem is that I think the scale is drawing the roots.  In the pilot, I hand watered.  But, now I have to mass water and fertilize.  The half pot I dug up had roots woven around the outside of the pot in its exact shape.  They dominate.


So, now I think I may have to do real garden pots (as opposed to nursery pots) out there, after all.  The reason is that if I cut big enough holes in the pot bottoms to protect from root rot, I get root invasion.  Catch 22.  The real (decorative plastic) pots that I used in the front garden have a second bottom piece to help with drainage – so I can have a large drainage hole and roots can’t really grow up into the daylily space.  Oh, I will work with the nursery pots for this year. But, I see the future.  I am feeling like a farmer now.


I also divided several more daylilies.  Little by little, the fall work is getting done.  I am really ready for a boring split shift where I walk the dogs downtown. I feel overwhelmed with daylilies.  Seriously.  Am I ready to be a farmer?


Anyway, enjoy my blooms from today.  I’ll worry about the tree roots.

Poinsettias: A daylily gardener’s winter smile :-)

My daylily gardens are under a few inches of mulch as it spits snow.  My family is headed home after a Thanksgiving visit.  Christmas and winter are upon us.  What is a daylily hobbiest to do?  How about invest in some cool colored Poinsettias?

I am working from home, so I am really enjoying my indoor garden this year.  And, poinsettias are cool because the blooms last most of the winter months.  Then, come spring, they and the amaryllis can grow strong for next winter by hanging out between the blooming daylilies in my garden.

I am trying to learn the names of the poinsettias this year.  So, bear with me and don’t take this as gospel!  This one is called Picasso, I believe:


And, this one is called Pink Carousel:


This one is Mars Marble:


The one below also looks like Mars Marble.  This one has a cool half-and-half effect of the hybridizing.  (PS that is why I got a second one like this!)


This one is White Star, I believe:


The one below I purchased last year for Thanksgiving.  It was a very pretty orange.  It is just starting to put out bracks now, so I am guessing when I say it could be Cinnamon Star. PS – I have new ideas to improve my blooming process next year.


This is a Sonora White Glitter:


This one may be Ice Chrystals:


And, just a guess, this could be Premium Lipstick Pink:


The one below is a purple/burgundy color with pink marbles.  I looked and could not find a clear match.  If any readers have ideas on the name of this variety – or any others – please let me know!


Next up, the Amaryllis.  See you then!  Thank heaven for the sanity that winter blooms bring!  Who else loves these???