Fall Landscapes

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall. It’s sort of a time for reflection on how to stay sane during the winter months.

Capitata Mauve

I spent too much on air plants because I realized that I couldn’t mail order after freeze. I got some succulents and a bromeliad, too. I didn’t realize that they came in so many bright leaf colors.

Close of the Day bromeliad

And, I took the plunge for my first landscaping project since I hurt my back putting daylilies in buried pots 3 years ago.

Front yard before

Xeriscaping. Because who plants grass on top of a slope in clay in the desert and expects success 70 years later.

Front yard after

I started putting this checkerboard around the yard various places a decade ago. It’s held up pretty well, so my bald spots can now hold succulents, cacti and other drought hardy plants in the summer.

Side of front yard before

Five trips to Home Depot over 2 weeks. Lots of buckets of dirt removed. Blisters on both hands. TGF Motrin.

Side of front yard after

There Goes The Sun

Tonight will be my last nightly blog.  Maybe weekly from here out.  It struck me how dark it was by the time I got off work.  Like, WTH?  The change always seems so quick to me in fall and so slow in the spring.  And, then we set the clocks to make it worse.





Today, though, brought another double Anasazi bloom.  These are such cool flowers!!!  I have wondered if there was a mix-up when they shipped it . . . early/mid bloomer and not a double.  But, it is a rebloomer, so maybe that is why is showed up so late.  I did find a post in the Lily Auction today that said that it can double.  Perhaps it knows it is stealing the show right now with so little competition.





It reminds me a bit of my new Azalea, actually.  Pink frilly blossoms.  Make blooms while the sun shines. Tomorrow starts the 4th month of blooms.  I can’t wait for May!

Speaking of Anasazi, this weekend, I am off to the 4-Corners!



Yellow Punch