The calm before the Daylily Storm

Not much new today. 65 or 70 daylilies with scapes. No new premiers today. Some days, this is my favorite part of the season because everything is still a mystery and my other flowers don’t get lost in the crowd.

The heat is hot (we will reach 00 this week and are in exceptional drought. I still have daylily water, but the insects are bad.

I think the “but it’s a dry heat” doesn’t apply to daylilies.

True Colors Shining Through

Too much going on in life to focus on anything too long. I get the watering done daily, though. Blogging comes second, but I made time today because . . . (drum roll) – I have my first Ned Roberts Spiders in bloom today. The yellow trumpets have company – true colors shining through! Dream Keeper is a reliable early bloomer. I am a little surprised that Purple Grasshopper is one of the first in the Southwest Garden. It didn’t bloom at all last summer but seems to have profited from being put in a put with new soil and no tree roots.

BTW – My plants are noticeably bigger this year after they were moved last year. I am hoping that results in more blooms this year. Here are the blooms of the day:

Premiers for Today

Dream Keeper 6.11.21
Purple Grasshopper 6.11.21

Former Premiers (this year):

Saratoga Springtime – Premier Bloom 6.3.11 (this photo was taken 2 days ago)
Happy Returns premier bloom 6.6.21
Stella de Oro – Premier bloom 6.7.21

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The First Week

The daylily blooms started last week on the 4th. IDK why I haven’t posted. Lots going on. Semi retiring, starting a plant and art business, still busy at my day job (now part time).

Saratoga Springtime started it all, as usual. She is pretty flashy for a yellow Trumpet. And, big.

Stella de Oro and Happy Returns also made appearances this week. They are look-alikes. Happy is a little more fragile.

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Daylilies of Corona: June Blooms

Last year, I posted all my blooms each week on Sunday since it is too much to do daily. This year, I am going to try to do a recap at the end of the month. So, for June 2020, we had the following 50:

All American Chief 6.26.20
Blue Beat 6.2020
Canyon Colors 6.19.20
Catherine Irene 6.28.20
Chaco Canyon 6.25.20
Cheyenne Eyes 6.30.20
Comanche Princess 6.29.20
Coral Taco 6.30.20
Dream Keeper 6.7.20
Early Bird Cardinal 6.29.20
Echo Canyon 6.29.20
Funny Valentine 6.19.20
Happy Returns 6.21.20
Hopi Jewel 6.28.20
Indian Love Call 6.25.20
Inwood 6.24.20
Jungle Queen 6.21.20
Kachina Dancer 6.30.20
Kokopelli 6.25.20
Lady Fingers 6.30.20
Land of Enchantment 6.20.20
Laughing Feather 6.26.20
Mauna Loa 6.28.20
Mesa Verde 6.28.20
Mildred Mitchell 6.24.20
Mini Pearl 6.28.20
Mount Echo Sunrise 6.30.20
Name Unknown “Nosferatwo” 6.25.20
Nurse’s Stethoscope 6.22.20
Ojo de Dios 6.28.20
Petite Petticoats 6.24.20
Pink and Cream 6.24.20
Pink Enchilada 6.30.20
Pink Rain Dance 6.29.20
Prairie Blue Eyes 6.29.20
Primal Scream 6.30.20
Purple Many Faces 6.25.20
Return a Smile 6.25.20
Rocky Mountain Pals 6.29.20
Ruby Spider 6.24.20
Santa’s Pants 6.28.20
Saratoga Springtime 6.18.20
Golden Stella de Oro 6.18.20
Yellow Stella de Oro 6.28.20
The Colorado Kid 6.24.20
Thin Man 6.30.30
Wild Horses 6.29.20
Wineberry Candy 6.28.20
Yellow Punch 6.19.20

Drip, Drip, Drip

I will say one thing positive about the pandemic is that I have spent a lot more time in my yard and patio doing projects that I have wanted to do for some time.

Dream Keeper 6.21.20

So, today I extended my side yard drip system to the upper part of my front flower bed. I am guessing there are 50 plants in that area – so it took a chunk of time. I was nervous to hook it up, but it works fine. My sprinkler system is great for the lawn, but not for the flower pots. It is just not enough. So . . . I will come back to drip systems in a minute.

Mauna Loa 6.21.20

First, I had several premiers. Mauna Loa is a pretty Ned Roberts daylily that I added last year. It is one of his older ones, but the color is still vibrant.

Petite Petticoats 6.21.20

One of my minis, Petite Petticoats, gave me a premier bloom today, too. I seriously almost missed her in a big bucket of minis.

Purple Many Faces 6.21.20

Purple Many Faces showed her face for the first time in 2020 today. Another colorful Roberts cultivator.

Return a Smile 6.21.20

Oh, and sweet Return a Smile. She was one of my very first daylilies and always makes me smile.

So, that is it for premiers today. Likely, this week, I will shift to premiers only. I have a couple honorable mentions today. I had 4 premiers this week that didn’t open right the first time. Now, they are back with their normal beauty – Kokopelli, Land of Enchantment, Jungle Queen, and Mildred Mitchell.

Kokopelli 6.21.20
Land of Enchantment 6.21.20
Jungle Queen 6.21.20
Mildred Mitchell 6.21.20

OK, back to the drip system. Last year, I put one in on the front part of the bed I did today. Again, it had a lot of plants and I was new at doing drip systems other than it a short line. So, I did it the same, and needless to say, the drippers at the end did not have enough pressure.

Funny Valentine 6.21.20
Indian Love Call

I decided to research it and you need to put the line in a continuous circle – so both the start and end of the tube connect to the tap. Earlier this spring, I went back and fixed the front so it worked correctly. And, I am seeing a difference in the plant health – we will see on bloom rate. So far, Stella is much happier. And, my poinsettias are in heaven!

Mesa Verde 6.21.20
Ojo de Dios 6.21.20

I don’t have either of the newer drippers on a timer – other than my brain. It is still a lot easier to crank the hose and do something else for 30-60 minutes that haul water to all those pots.

Saratoga Springtime 6.21.20
Happy Returns 6.21.20

I am wondering if peak will happen before my trip in 2.5 weeks. I know it will be busy with blooms. I just need to get away and have an adventure.

Stella de Oro 6.21.20
Stella Yella 6.21.20


Today, I woke-up late because I worked until midnight on a supply list for one of our new programs. It is busy on top of COVID-19 – the world of nursing academics is and will stay upside-down.

Blue Beat 6.19.20

I was foggy . . . but when consciousness returned, I realized it was Juneteenth. I knew nothing about Juneteenth until I lived in Galveston and read a book by the same name. It is a day worth remembering.

Dream Keeper 6.19.20

We live in a world that seems shaken by so much right now. But, I am free to go out in my yard and take photos of the 13 bloomers of the day. All are different colors, and I treat each the same. I am free to write the blog. I can put just about anything I want in this blog – that is freedom. I can be a crazy daylily lady – that is freedom.

Funny Valentine 6.19.20

The other cool thing about today is that my Nurse’s Stethoscope daylily bloomed her premier bloom. She is the one I suggested the name for through the Daylily Society. She is named for the Show Me Your Stethoscope episode of the View. Maybe COVID-19 has helped the world understand all of the capabilities of my profession.

Nurse’s Stethoscope 6.19.20

I had a few other premiers – I do believe the peak is beginning to build. Canyon Colors had a premier bloom today. There is so much grass in her put that she didn’t put out many scapes. I was going to replant her in March, but couldn’t get out to buy the soil before she got too big.

Canyon Colors 6.19.20

Indian Love Call had a nice first bloom. She is loaded with buds.

Indian Love Call 6.19.20

Land of Enchantment had a premier bloom that looks almost as beat-up as Kokopelli did yesterday. I think it is bud damage from the big windstorm a couple weeks ago.

Land of Enchantment 6.19.20

It is Friday, summer solstice is tomorrow. It just feels like a significant day.

Happy Returns 6.19.20

My flowers today are dedicated to those who don’t know the same freedoms that I have known. And, they are dedicated to the frontline workers during COVID-19 – my Nurse’s Stethoscope seems to say “thanks” to my colleagues.

Laughing Feather 6.19.20

It’s my home weekend tomorrow. A few things planned around the yard. Solstice . . . Summer Solstice. And, I get a little sad knowing that the days will start shrinking, again.

Mesa Verde 6.19.20

Enjoy the show below . . . almost time to limit to just premier blooms in the daily blog.

Saratoga Springtime 6.19.20
Stella 6.19.20
Yellow Punch 6.19.20

Here Comes the Color

Yellow trumpet daylilies are like appetizers before a 6 course meal. They let you know that the season is coming but leave you wanting more. It always feels like I get 2 weeks of yellow trumpets, and then the action starts. Somehow, colorful spider Dream Keeper shows up with the yellow trumpets – ahead of her time.

Dream Keeper triplets 6.16.20

So, today I had some colorful premier blooms. First, Funny Valentine. She is an older daylily that I keep on my porch. She budded at the same time as Saratoga Springtime, so I have been waiting for her appearance on stage.

Funny Valentine’s Day 6.16.20

And, another Robert’s spider joins Dream Keeper as a premier today – Ojo de Dios. I love the stately color combo of this neatly curled spider.

Ojo de Dios premiers on 6.16.20

And, my first near-blue for 2020 gave a premier showing – Blue Beat!

Blue Beat 6.16.20

And, there are still yellow trumpets blaring out their tune – Stella de Oro – the most popular trumpet in town.

Stella de Oro 6.16.20

Happy Returns, who looks almost like a twin to Stella this year.

Happy Returns 6.16.20

And, Saratoga Springtime.

Saratoga Springtime 6.16.20

I think there will be more premiers tomorrow. Laughing Feather is close . . . so close. And, I am up to about 100 cultivators in scape. Hopefully, peak happens before my camping road trip next month. I just extended by a day.

Four for the Price of One

Wow – no blog since Thursday. Why? First – it is pretty much the same 4 bloomers off and on every day. Second – it is camping season and still busy at work. I blog about my travel on my on another blog – so I just didn’t have time for both last night.

Dream Keeper 6.15.20

Where are my other blooms? Well, last year, I was behind this year with bloom rate. But it was rainy and my overall bloom rate was the highest ever. But, the year before that was an exceptional drought and I already had several more cultivators in bloom, but a lower overall bloom rate for the season.

My only premier since last post: Happy Returns 6.15.20

My theory is easy – the rain is the stimulant to form scapes and decide to bloom for another year. It happens in March and April, the rain. I can water, but in a desert, I can’t keep up with mom nature. When it finally warms up, there are lots of scapes ready to ascend into full blooms.

Saratoga Springtime 6.15.20

Drought years tend to warm-up quickly. So, those daylilies that did form scapes because they did OK on less rain emerge earlier due to the daily temps. But, overall, there are fewer scapes that formed because of less moisture in March and April.

Stella de Oro 6.15.20

This year, we are somewhere in between. I have 85 in scape now – about half. I always start to worry if I don’t see scapes by late June – perhaps this cultivator needs a year off.

Yellow Punch 6.15.20

I have several that look ready to pop. Laughing Feather, Ojo de Dios, Mesa Verde, Funny Valentine to name a few. I guess I need to wait until tomorrow to see what opens up. For tonight, you get four nights of blog for the price of one read. Soon, I won’t be able to do that and stay caught-up.

Rode Hard and Put Away Wet

It is an expression about horses – rode hard and put away wet means running a horse so hard that it sweats. Well, looking at my daylilies today, the expression came to mind. The Derecho followed by 2 more days of intense wind – then down to near freezing last night – that is a lot to ask of a daylily. And, the foliage is bent and after two days of dust bowl wind, the last rain was “dirty” so to speak. So, my leaves have a little debris on them.

Dream Keeper after the storm 6.9.20

I still had 4 blooms today. I think Dream Keeper looks so sad and faded today after the storm.

Dream Keeper before the storm 6.7.20 – see the color difference?

And, Saratoga Springtime broke a petal.

Saratoga Springtime – After the storm 6.9.20

Stella, and her cousin, Yellow Punch (a primier bloom today) look pretty normal. Except the buds (other than Saratoga Springtime) did not fully open until this afternoon about 2 PM. It is a clear sign that blooms are partially heat driven.

Stella – 6.9.20

What’s close – IDK, maybe Funny Valentine. I do have close to 70 scapes now. The wind is gone, like a case of Corona Virus is gone. And, it gets up to 75 tomorrow.

Yellow Punch with a first bloom 6.9.20

Oh, and my poinsettias are OK. Poinsettias will die if you expose them to temps under 50 in the winter, but I have found that during growing season, they are much more resilient.

Boring Solstice

What can I say, Stella was my only Solstice bloom. In 2015, I had only a handful of daylilies and only 1 flowers. This is usually the start of peak. Now, today, we are camping and the wintry mix has rained down upon us.

Stella – my only solstice bloom.