Fooled Me

Oh, daylilies. I was so clueless when I began collecting these circa 7-8 years ago that I did dumb stuff with them. I stuck them in shade with no water. I stuck them in the hard, clay soil. I put them in pots with no water source except when I remembered the watering can. It never rains here.

The mystery daylily that I almost killed but revived from seedling size. No idea on name so this year she is Nosferatwo because she reminds me a little of Nosferatu 7.3.20

A few years ago, it hit me that all I was doing was buying daylilies, watching them bloom for one cycle followed by watching them wither away. So, I put in irrigation and cut down trees. I broke a rib burying pots so the soil was more controlled. I put in more irrigation . . . and more, and more.

Stephanie Returns brightens the yard on her second day in bloom 7.3.20

I actually think I will have a decent bloom rate this year – and I think it is all in the water. Well, not all – but it is the desert.

Fooled Me

So, when I first xeroscaped portions of my front yard, I purchased 3 daylilies to be part of the design – Orange Vols, Lady Fingers and a cultivator named Fooled Me. The first couple of years, they all did fine. Then, Fooled Me started to fade. No bloom, shrinking (last bloom 2015). I know that spot gets dry. Two years ago, I put it in a buried put in the same place . . . it got bigger but no bloom. This year, with the added drip sprinkler, it bloomed – today, for the first time since 2015 -IT BLOOMED!!! I may know how to make daylilies fade, but I am also getting good at year-to-year resuscitation. NEVER GIVE UP!

Chokecherry Mountain 7.3.20

Other premiers today were Chokecherry Mountain – a Robert’s spider that reminds me a lot of Talon.

Route 66 7.3.20

And, my favorite early “Southwest name” daylily, Route 66. Roadtrip memories flood my mind when I see her. Love her classic colors.

Soco Gap in the gap between two big yuccas 7.3.20

Soco Gap – a big plant that was a bonus back when the Southwest garden was an experiment. I plunked the little fans in between two medium sized Yuccas thinking she was small. Well, she is a decent sized cultivator and the cactus have grown, too. No way I can dig her out and put her in a pot – but the Yuccas are likely pretty protective of her!

Purple de Oro 7.3.20

Little Purple de Oro also had a premier bloom. IDK how I ended up with her and she is likely one of my least favorites. I keep waiting to fall in love.

Early Bird Cardinal with her flag colored background 7.3.20

Tomorrow is the 4th and I hope for a big show in the yard because they will be my fireworks during the coronavirus year.

Watch Your Step

My day starts a little early this time of year.  My camera says I was out shooting photos before 7 AM.  Not all of the lilies open early, so some are in the process of blooming, so I usually go for a short run and come back to finish.  Today, in my clumsiness, I managed to step on my only Orchid Moonrise scape.  It broke off the scape and two leaves.  That poor plant nearly died last summer and has done better in the buried pot.  I was surprised it put out a scape.  I felt sick that I broke it . . . I am trying it in a vase with water, but the buds and young so I don’t think I will get a bloom.

I felt sad about that off and on all morning.  Then, I began to think of my successes this year.  Last year I had 16 or 72 (ish) cultivators bloom out there.  That is 22%.  This year, I have had 21 so far – and probably at least 30 more in scape (well, 29 now that big-foot visited).  That is 30% so far.  If I get 50 to bloom, it will be 70%.  I still have some water issues in one area of the back row.  And, I have a few that really died back in the year or so with no buried pot, so they need to grow this year.  I will take that, and fall will bring a few more improvements (but nothing like burying 60 pots in clay mud and tree roots).

So, speaking of the Southwest Garden, today Black Ice bloomed.  She has not bloomed since her very first year.  She died back, but not as bad as some of the others.  She has a fair number of bulbs.  I love her dark bloom.  So cool.


The other newbie in the Southwest Garden was Papa LongLegs.  I added him last spring and got a bloom.  I find the first blooms on the spiders are sometimes kind of deformed, and such is the case with this first bloom.  I will share a better shot (hopefully) with the weekend listing.


And, another yellow spider, Lady Fingers, bloomed for the first time in 2018.  She is one I got when I xeriscaped my front yard during the last drought – maybe 6 years ago.  I divided her and so this one is growing in the Border Garden with the new drip system.


Last, but not least, is Alabama Jubilee.  I ordered her my first year of roots specifically because my daughter lived in Alabama at the time.  She had my granddaughter while living there – and I called myself the Bama Grandma.  Those years were both special and troubling.  Sometimes things happen that we would never dream would happen a few years earlier.  Such is life.  This bright orange bloom reminds me of hope and the beauty of the relationship I had with my granddaughter when she was little.  This one is for you, Maia!


Ok, man, it is 11 PM and I am beat.  I need to put a wrap on this.  Quickly, other blooms today were Treasure of the Southwest, Zuni Eye, Apache Bandana, Comanche Princess, Hopi Jewell, Laughing Feather, Soco Gap, Holy Sombrero, Funny Valentine, Return a Smile, Nurse’s Stethoscope, Route 66, Ruby Spider, Jungle Queen, Stella, Happy Returns, Bluegrass Music, Canyon Colors, Prairie Blue Eyes, Purple Mystique, Red Riddle, Yellow Punch, and Wineberry Candy.  Phew – and it isn’t peak yet.  Tomorrow starts early.

PS – I have had 50 different blooms so far this year, so we are at about 29% total bloom rate – and it isn’t peak yet . . . then come the later bloomers.  Last year, we had 83 total bloomers all season.  That is a total bloom rate of 47% bloom rate.  Any guesses when we will surpass that?  My guess is that we will pull ahead by July 4th.

Climbing to the Peak of Daylily Color

If yesterday was a little quiet (for July) in my garden, today was a bit overwhelming.  There were several new faces.

Thin Man bloomed for the first time ever – the biggest bloom (12 inches) in my garden.



Thin Man – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


One of my Ned Roberts Southwest spiders also showed his colors for the first time ever in my yard.  Meet Aztec Firebird.



Aztec Firebird – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


And, a nice little addition called Pick of the Litter was also a first-time in my yard bloomer today.  Funny, this was a gift plant and I don’t remember the plant it came with – or if that plant has bloomed.



Pick of the Litter – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


First blooms for 2016 in my existing daylilies included one that I don’t have a name for – so I decided to call it Montrose Sunset.  I picked this up when I xeriscaped a few years ago . . . before I was a true hobbiest.  And, I cannot find the name but I like the bloom a lot.



??? “Montrose Sunset” – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Prelude to Love is a pretty dark red/purple bloom that reappears each year, as well.



Prelude to Love – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Strutter’s Ball is one I added last year and (like its neighbors, Inwood and Funny Valentine) it is astruggling to produce blooms this year.  I decided today that when my blues finish blooming in a week or two, I will switch their locations and see what happens.  The issue, I believe, is figuring out which pots the sprinkler system over-waters, and which it under-waters.  And, then, balancing that.



Strutter’s Ball – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Cheddar Cheese, aptly, lives near my outdoor grill and is back to top-off our hamburgers.



Cheddar Cheese – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Blackthorn is one I put in last year – I really like this bloom!



Blackthorne – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


And, here is today’s collage.  I tried to put this is semi-rainbow order.  It is a lot of color, for sure.  The peak has come to this yard on the Colorado Plateau.


Collage 2016-07-15 16_15_19

From L to R: Top Row: Route 66, ? “Montrose Sunset”, Isaac, Mildred Mitchell, Razzamatazz, Prelude to Love. Row Two: Indian Love Call, Soco Gap, Aztec Firebird, Lady Fingers, Purple De Oro, Strutters Ball.  Row Three: Early Bird Cardinal, Thin Man, Cheddar Cheese, (Lady Fingers), Blackthorn, VooDoo Dancer.  Bottom Row: Stephanie Returns, Pick of the Litter and Return a Smile.


Hey, folks, that is eight new blooms in the yard today.  That puts me at circa 45 different blooms this year. (That means about 90 have not bloomed – but many are year ones or small year twos.)   I only need 20+ more to hit 50%.  I have a lot of scapes – so maybe . . . stay tuned.