Leaping Lizards!

One of the interesting things about adopting some evergreens this year is watching them adapt to life outside of the winter porch, again.  I had one premature bloom on Indian Sky in March and had to cut the fans back because they were a little anemic looking after that.  It seems to be recovering.

The other one that I have been keeping an eye on because it looks a little scraggly is Electric Lizard.  This guy is special to me because he was one of my very first Lily Auction buys.  I remember that day so well.  I was editing a final paper for one of my first term courses while I waited to participate in the bidding on a couple of daylilies that I really wanted for my Southwestern garden.  Well, the first one came and went with me totally losing out to a flurry of bidding. Total neophyte at online auctions, I was.  And, I really wanted the other one that was up for bid later.

Electric Lizard

It became obvious that I needed to find some affordable lilies that were up for bid between now and the time of the second Southwest bloom.  Why?  So I could figure out the system.  I ended up winning three before that second lily came up on the clock.  And, I figured it out.  First, on a slow item . . . then I slowly turned up the volume.

Electric Lizard was my first fast bidding experience.  And, I obviously won the iridescent bloom.  Won, of course, is a misnomer because you pay more when you battle the competition.  And it’s addicting.  I have never done a full-day like that since.


So, now this somewhat skinny-leafed friend has a scape with a bud that looks ready to open soon.  Very soon.  Maybe tomorrow.  It has to think spring started in February on my porch to be the first bloomer of 2016, because it is supposed to wait until mid-season.  Happy Returns is always the first, but it looks like it will get beaten this year.  And, once the daylily popcorn starts to pop, it’s just going to keep going.  Can’t wait . . . time to charge the camera battery because this blurry cell phone shot does not do it justice.

(PS the Electric Lizard bloom photo is from the Lily Auction).

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