Spring has sprung, the daylilies has riz. I wonder where the sunlight is?

It’s late April, although it feels more like February outside this week. None the less, I planted about 10 new daylilies in my Southwest garden last weekend. The daylilies here all have Southwest or Colorado names . . . Mostly from hybridizer, Ned Roberts. Close to 100 varities! I have about a dozen more to add this weekend.  Then, it will be essentially complete. Here are the roots that came last week . . . I love the smell of them.


With this many specialty plants, I’ve found it a challenge to know what’s where. I’ve put many hours into garden labels, and just created this map. I love all the Southwestern names. Sadly, though, my labels are not going to hold up much longer. The map is a great adjunct to the project. Such adventures! Reminds my of working in the (newborn) nursery.


I just want some warmth! Sadly, so did my poinsettias.  I thought I’d have 16, then 14, then 12. Now, may be 8? They were starting to form leaves in March. But, April has been colder and not enough solar energy for them to continue to try to put out new growth. They were so close to sprouting, too. Right now, I feel the same way. Go daylilies!





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