Today, Our Mascot Bloomed!!!

The Colorado Kid.  I found her on some site and ordered her from far away.  Near-blue, Colorado in the name . . . This is her second year in my yard.  And, her blooms make me smile.  They are so pretty in the morning before the sun hits and turns the near blue to a deeper, more lavender color.  Still pretty, but the UV by mid day makes all the blooms frump a little.


Other first blooms today – the much awaited Pink Enchilada.  This flower gives me hope that it just takes time for the bare roots to bloom in the new garden.  It is year 2 in the garden, but a first bloom today.


The Southwest Garden also welcomed Indian Love Call.  This flower seems happier here than in the pot I had it in last year . . . so that is a positive sign, too.


Soco Gap is a huge daylily in that garden.  It was a bonus plant that I stuck between 2 yuccas before I enlarged the garden.  It thrives, also a positive sign.


Those positives said, I only have 12 plants with scapes out of 76 plants in the Southwest Garden.  Yard-wide (including the porch pots, front garden and Southwestern Garden, I have had 28 cultivators bloom so far (most in the front now have scapes).  I have around 160 cultivators total.  So, it’s under 20% still.  Should be interesting to see what happens in July.  (6 of 9 of my back porch pots have bloomed already – interesting on sun and drip systems).

In hindsight, I don’t think I did enough spring watering in the Southwest Garden.  The new sprinkler hose also seems to give better coverage.  I have also leaned on over fertilizing this year to get the plants some size before they invest in blooms.  The soil will need more work – but it is decent for year 2.  I wonder about the trees giving too much shade.  I think I will go out and snap a cell photo every hour some day soon to see if each area gets 5 -6 hours.  I think it is close, but I may invest in some tree trimming this fall.  LOL – Who says skiing is the most expensive hobby in Colorado???

Up for tomorrow . . . maybe Bluegrass Music.  Maybe Primal Scream or even Aztec Firebird.  And, Indian Sky has some baby scapes, finally.  The daylily garden is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

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