Web of Spiders

Today, I think I got my last NEW Ned Roberts bloom for the year.  The new one is Coral Taco.  The challenge is taking a photo of a flower doing yoga.  Yes, both me and the flower!

I started collecting Ned’s spiders a couple years ago when I saw one named Kokopelli on the auction.  I cannot believe how little I knew about daylilies then!!!  Anyway, once I figured out they were hybridized close to home and there were lots of Southwestern and Colorado names, I had to have more.  And, most have not ever bloomed yet, although this year most of them grew big and healthy.


Collage 2017-08-01 21_55_17Roberts

From L to R: Top Row: Adios Albuquerque, Aztec Firebird, Black Ice, Chaco Canyon, Chief Four Fingers.  Middle Row: Coral Taco, Desert Icicle, Dream Catcher, Dream Keeper, Ghost Ranch, Kokopelli. Bottom Row: Papa Longlegs, Pink Enchilada, Pueblo Dancer, Skinwalker, Raspberry Propeller (not a Southwestern name), Twirling Pinata, Zuni Thunderbird.



It is sort of disappointing that several that bloomed last year did not bloom this year.  My Southwest garden was where a pine was planted until they uprooted it for a new sewer a decade or more ago.  A pine in the middle of a rock garden.  So, I work on water and soil.  There is clearly a part of the patch with bigger plants and a part with strugglers. And, so I am working on that, too.   Maybe a tree trim???

Despite the disappointment of wanting more bloom, I was impressed when I put these all together in one collage.  I cannot wait to see them all!!!  I think I have around 50 total.

I think there will be a break for several days before any more new blooms.  So, like these cool spiders, I will be thinking of themes to highlight certain daylilies.

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