Santa came early . . . or late!

I haven’t blogged since fall hit the air.  (And, I adopted a new special needs dog.) But, today warrants a post because I had a new (first time in my “yard”) daylily bloom today.  And, the funny thing is that it was Santa’s Pants . . . seems appropriate for the season.  The other odd thing is that one of my poinsettias is already blooming some.  So, what a great combo.  Summer and winter, together on Halloween.



By way of history, I noticed a scape on Santa’s Pants circa 3 weeks ago – after we fell to 26 degrees.  But, I am optimistic and it was potted, so I moved it into my back porch, with some nights in my bathroom (I have to hang it to cat-proof it) and some warm days in the full sun outside.  The temperature is warmer on the porch, but the light is more direct outside.  It has been a balance. The photos look a little weird inside my porch, but it works.  3 more buds.  Love having blooms into November.


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