Three Standard Deviations

What a strange week . . . 3 standard deviations from the mean.  So, I apologize for no blog since Sunday.  The reorganization has hit at work.  I worked 12 hour days on Monday and Thursday.  Tuesday, I had this skin cancer removed . . . long story short is that I hope like heck it stays healthy until the graft next Tuesday.  Wednesday was my eye exam – and I worked until 10 PM.  And, today – a steady 6 hours of work with everything in motion.  I will get even more new students, I got a new boss (3rd boss in as many weeks), I haven’t even gotten all the new students from the last batch re-settled.  And, then, I heard my calling. Doors may open.  Let’s leave it at that for now.

My yard has fallen way down on my priority list.  I have no idea if I can dig up any lilies this fall with all this noise in my life.  Really, my energy has changed this year and the noise is deafening.  Speaking of deaf . . . yea, that, too.  That said, things are beginning to move in new directions.  I let go and started living for a new vision.  This created some feng shi space, I guess.  Things are moving after a very long, stagnant period.  How long do we fertilize something that never blooms?

So, enough of my excuses – here are my flowers for the week:



Blue Beat 8.16


Pink and Cream 8.17

Other bloomers:


Purple Corn Dancer 8.13


Indian Sky 8.16


Heirloom Heaven 8.13


Ruby Stella 8.13


Dream Catcher 8.16

No August scapes – no returns, yet, from my “returns” daylilies.  No rainy season.  A quiet fall in the garden.  Which is probably good given everything else in my life.  It is a camping weekend and I am home.  Too much going on today . . . and this week.  I may try for a one-night wonder trip near home tomorrow if I feel up to it.  I need to focus on healing my life.


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