White Roses and Orange Spice

I was happy with 5 poinsettias. I really was. I was thrilled that they all bloomed this year, again. Big success with added artificial light. Oh, I kinda wanted a fall colored one, but that would be all.

Then, I spied the Valentine poinsettia rhe day after Thanksgiving (see last post). Next, I found a cute Christmas pot out in the Christmas, so got a small plain white one.

But, it doesn’t stop there. I went to the city and visited the nursery for a plant for a friend, and, there was orange spice. I had one this color year before last and it did not make it to spring. So, I had to try a larger one.

Ok, I’m done. Well, until I get to the grocery store and find one “white winter rose” poinsettia. This is an off white version of my valentine poinsettia. So, I just couldn’t leave it there. Lol. I’m up to 10. Seriously, why? Because they are colorful and kinda fun to grow.

Hopefully, some of my amaryllis will spike soon. I have half dozen orchids in spike and my paph, Stella Scope, bloomed this week.

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