Sleepy Eyes

Circadian rhythms.  We all have them and they are at least partially hardwired.  If you let people follow them with more flexible schedules, generally productivity increases.  The next couple of weeks are not real flexible, so I started gearing up today.  Woke up at 5:50 something – still took until 9 AM to get to work.  I didn’t get to bed until after midnight.  Sleepy eyes.  (I have the yard, exercise, a disabled dog, making breakfast, getting ready . . .  it adds up.)

Daylilies have different rhythms, too.   I started taking photos just before 7 AM.  Several blooms were open (I had 28 cultivators today), but they lacked the coloring and energy that they would have an hour or two later.  The worst one today was Black Arrowhead. Sleepy eyes.  She went from this:


To this (at 7 PM):


Spirit of the Morning must have been named for her rhythms.  She was in full bloom and ready to go with my first walk through the garden.  By 2 PM, she looks like melted wax. Her petals just drip into nothingness.


I am like Black Arrowhead.  Good night.

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