Best of Intentions

I had the best intentions of writing a blog about my New Mexico named daylilies tonight – it’s too late.  I had the best of intentions getting to bed on time last night – until the police scene unfolded outside my bedroom window at 10PM (right next to my Southwest daylily garden . . . was that really a SWAT truck?)  I had so many good intentions about a smooth start to the semester and some of those have been overruled by life.

Tonight, I must get to bed.  Another very full day tomorrow.  I had intentions of slowing down . . . yea, right.  I work in rural America.  Someday, I’ll get ‘er done.  I’ll retire and play with daylilies between road trips.


Adios Albuquerque 8/14

So, tonight I leave you with my favorite picture of Adios Albuquerque – the sun was perfect for the 7 PM shot.  The 7 AM shot missed the mark.  The lead photo is Treasure of the Southwest with a nice sun angle, too.  Now, I intend to sleep.  Wish me luck.

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