Happy Nurses Daylilies

I can’t believe it has been 4 months since I logged in to do a blog.  Work has been a bit over-the-top this term.  It seems there is never enough faculty to pump new blood into the profession.  And, then when Corona Virus hit, it meant moving our entire nursing program online.  Even clinicals have been virtual.

I have had more time at home, so I can run out and turn the water on and off on the daylilies.  They are getting big enough to start bearing scapes soon.  My cacti have moved out, and I am starting to slowly move some others out – knowing full-well that the weather will likely turn into springtime in the Rockies in the next couple of weeks.


Nurses Stethoscope 2019

I thought that for Nurses Day, it would be fun to share some of my cultivators with medical sounding names.  Of course, the one I suggested the official name for – Nurses Stethoscope – is the first choice for a Nurses Day Daylily.


Medicine Feather 2019

Medicine Feather is a runner up.  Medicine feathers are eagle feathers used in healing through lining up energy.



Rocky Mountain Pals 2019

Rocky Mountain Pals was named in honor of the specialists who were treating the hybridizer.  Seems another appropriate cultivator to honor the nursing profession.


Apache Bandana 2019

I am throwing one more in here for Corona Virus and all of my front line colleagues who need the PPE to provide safe care to all of us – Apache Bandana.

Seeing the color makes me excited for the first scapes . . . then blooms.  Nothing safer than one’s own garden.  Happy Nurses Day!




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