I had sweet 16 today. Feels like a big downshift from a couple of weeks ago – and it is. Work is about to upshift. Due to a resignation, I only have about 40% of my classes covered – fortunately I have subs for the first few weeks. Work, again, invades my brain.

Carlotta 7.26.20

I begin to wonder more about retirement – one to three years. I re-read some of my psychology research (Dr Martin Seligman) in the tent last night. They took rats and implanted cancer with a 50% mortality rate. Rats in the no-intervention group had 50% mortality rate. Rats who received inescapable shocks died 75% of the time. And, rats who were given shocks but could escape them died 25% of the time. Bottom line, be the master of your life. Escape the shocks. Yes, retirement.

Anyway – no premiers today but I missed Carlotta on Friday so here she is. I have a bunch of finales – maybe I can catch up on those tomorrow.

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