Records Broken

I remember my sister had a gold colored Chipmunks record when I was a kid. Dad got frustrated by Alvin, Theodore and Simon. The record was broken. We will leave it right there.

Yesterday, Grand Junction reached 107 degrees for the first time in written weather history. And, today I woke up to 68 cultivators. I believe that’s a new record. My computer is choking on the picture files, too.

Today brought 5 premiers. I need to post from my phone while my computer deletes files.

So, looks like we are still on top of the Mesa. We will see what tomorrow brings.

One thought on “Records Broken

  1. John Hric says:

    Truchas Sunrise bloomed big and beautiful here yesterday. Though the scape is too short from not enough rain at the right times. I did not get a picture of it though. Too much going on to get any pics yesterday. There were morning and evening social obligations and our city’s garden walk in the middle. Time to rest up today while it rains all day. Lovely CK. Thanks


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