Bluegrass Blues

Today, at long last, I get to tell the story of Bluegrass Music because she bloomed!  When I first started getting savvy about buying bare root daylilies, I learned that there were no true blue ones.  This made me want blue ones!!!  We always want what we can’t have.  So, I found this one on a website and tried to order . . . it was a weird process, but I finally called them.  They had one small fan of this one left, but it would be $50.  Well, I had to have my addiction fix, so I bought the one small fan as the first of a handful of near blue daylilies.  PS – I have not ordered from that place since – you can get these on the Lily Auction for $25 for 2 fans.


Other newcomers – This one is Heron’s Cove.  It has a story of being a wanna be near blue.  I lost a near blue and this one was an economical one.  BTW a much more ethical grower told me to expect it not to look blue except in exceptional circumstances.  I want to get out to see it before the sun hits it next time.


Prairie Blue Eyes (I am pretty sure) showed up in my yard today . . . in an unexpected place.  It is in one of my driveway pots, but it did not put up scapes this year.  Interestingly, I had some daylilies in my back garden, but it was too shady and the daylilies there were slowly dying back.  So, two years ago, I fixed it so they had more sun, water and better soil.  This one, I moved to the front garden last year not having a clue what it was.  (I did not always know names or label them).  So, it was stunning to see this little one open in the front garden.  Makes me think I need to move the others to a sunnier spot.


Zuni Thunderbird is one of my favorites, but the thrips like it and the first blooms are always a little beat up.  Need to spray it today.  Think I will take a nap first, though.


Honey, I Planted My Family

Today, Stephanie Returned to my yard.  Stephanie Returns, that is.  She is a sweet light pink girl who bears the same name as my daughter.  And, she was added the year my daughter returned to Colorado.  Hard to get good lighting today.  She was unbloomed, and then the sun hit full force.  She looks a little dry and I upped her water.  (I have daylilies that bear the names of my grandmother, mom, and both grandkids.  I want to get a Santa Clause for in memory of my dad).


The other first-timer for the year was Inwood.  I love the contrast on the blooms.


I believe my back porch has now reached peak bloom with this addition.  Sadly, Electric Lizard is still not looking like it will produce much despite the addition of some more fans last fall.  Maybe it needs a larger pot.  Nosferatu, Cheddar Cheese, and Canyon Colors all have big fans but no scapes.  Guessing not enough sun, too much fertilizer or some other imbalance.  I am still hoping . . . but would have expected scapes by now.  Generally, my pots grow bigger, healthier blooms than this basic clay soil.  But, sometimes the mix is off.  (Below is Jungle Queen, quite happy in the same pot for 2 years).


As for the Southwest garden – it looks like I’ll have some new blooms tomorrow.  Soco Gap is about to give birth.  I think I’ll see my first Pink Enchilada tomorrow.  Papa Long Legs and Kokopelli, perhaps.  Maybe Indian Love Call.  I was hoping for 50% bloom out there, but I am guessing it may be 30% now.  I am erring on the side of fertilizer this year to get the plants big.  I think I need to do more soil amendments in the fall, too.  Most the plants are blooming size.  A few have died back.   I have to remember that some of mine had spring in the South last year, so may not bloom this year.  Bare root daylilies are not instant gratification.

The flowers are so pretty, they are worth the amazing time and energy to make them thrive.  Tomorrow also holds the promise of our first The Colorado Kid (our mascot) of the year.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.