Bluegrass Blues

Today, at long last, I get to tell the story of Bluegrass Music because she bloomed!  When I first started getting savvy about buying bare root daylilies, I learned that there were no true blue ones.  This made me want blue ones!!!  We always want what we can’t have.  So, I found this one on a website and tried to order . . . it was a weird process, but I finally called them.  They had one small fan of this one left, but it would be $50.  Well, I had to have my addiction fix, so I bought the one small fan as the first of a handful of near blue daylilies.  PS – I have not ordered from that place since – you can get these on the Lily Auction for $25 for 2 fans.


Other newcomers – This one is Heron’s Cove.  It has a story of being a wanna be near blue.  I lost a near blue and this one was an economical one.  BTW a much more ethical grower told me to expect it not to look blue except in exceptional circumstances.  I want to get out to see it before the sun hits it next time.


Prairie Blue Eyes (I am pretty sure) showed up in my yard today . . . in an unexpected place.  It is in one of my driveway pots, but it did not put up scapes this year.  Interestingly, I had some daylilies in my back garden, but it was too shady and the daylilies there were slowly dying back.  So, two years ago, I fixed it so they had more sun, water and better soil.  This one, I moved to the front garden last year not having a clue what it was.  (I did not always know names or label them).  So, it was stunning to see this little one open in the front garden.  Makes me think I need to move the others to a sunnier spot.


Zuni Thunderbird is one of my favorites, but the thrips like it and the first blooms are always a little beat up.  Need to spray it today.  Think I will take a nap first, though.


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