Three’s Company: Week 1 Roll-Call

Daylily season has begun. I have been trying to remember all of the things I did with the blog last year. I know I did Premier (first bloom for each cultivator, Encore for reblooms and Finales for the final bloom of each cultivator.

Saratoga Springtime 6.5.20

Because of the number of flowers I have at peak, it is easier to show Premiers, Encores, and Finales in the daily blog and try to do all the bloomers that week on Sunday. If I have less than 10 cultivators in bloom, I still post each one – so we have a couple weeks. I get a little burned out with it – but it only is crazy for a couple of weeks.

Dream Keeper (My first Ned Roberts bloom for 2020 with a few extra pedals 6.6.20

The other difference on Sunday is that I try to use Powershot photos and not phone photos. During the week, I don’t always have time but I try.

Stella de Oro 6.7.20

So, as you can see (above), Stella de Oro joined the group today. 3 out of 171 bloomed so far with 55 spikes or so. And 171 cultivators. That is a 1.7% bloom rate. No where to go but up. I am just glad these kids are resilient because the wind has been blowing constantly since the rain stopped yesterday – gusts to 60 MPH. Poor early bloomers get Springtime in the Rockies. Let’s see what tomorrow blows in . . .

Southwest Spiders in the Garden

I find spider daylilies mesmerizing.  Something about the shape, the twists.  Each bloom is so unique.  Not that I don’t love the traditional shapes.  But, there is something about a spider in the garden.  And, I don’t mean the insect kind that live in my rock garden this time of year.

Today, another new Ned Roberts bloom: Winds of Love.  It was a bonus plant that came with some others that I bought from the Lily Auction from a seller named Floota. At first, I thought it didn’t belong with the Southwestern named ones.  But, then, I remembered those spring desert windstorms that blow the warmer weather in each year.  You know, the ones that formed the Grand Canyon?  Well, they can be serious show stoppers if you are on a road trip.  But, what about reframing them to mean something more positive?  Cognitive behavioral therapy for weather.  So, Winds of Love is in with the other Southwestern named blooms.


Winds of Love – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

I also played with the macros feature on my camera more today.  I got some cool close-ups of today’s blooms – all are Ned’s daylilies.  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.  PS – I am writing this as I wait for a 5PM job interview.  It’s a bit too early to start preparing.  It’s weird to interview via the web, so I need to vacuum 🙂  Blogging about daylilies is the BEST way to stay focused in the moment. Well, next to taking photographs and painting them, that is.

Here are my three beautiful spiders of today up close and personal:


Winds of Love – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


 Kokopelli – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Black Ice – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

OK, and one more of Kokopelli from a little further back.  The first bloom had some issues with color, but this one is gorgeous!  So perfect.  Can’t wait to paint it.  I love the colors! It almost has a hint of blue between the yellow and pink . . . OK, light purple.


Anyway, about time to prep for that interview.  I need a job after graduation so I can pay for my daylily habit 🙂  Well, actually, it is a really cool job.

That’s all folks!

Focus on Daylilies

I went camping this weekend.  It’s my semester break from my doctoral program.  However, I am teaching a class and implementing my project.  So, it was a quick get away.  I came home to find that I had missed Chief Four Fingers and Early Bird Cardinal’s first blooms.  However, Happy Returns had two blossoms to greet me.

As always, I ran out with my Canon Powershot and my Kindle to get a shot.  After that, I went in to download my vacation pictures.  On the same card are my first camera versions of the photos that I have shared here.  I thought  would do a couple of comparisons.

Below is my first bloom, Electric Lizard. The first one is by Kindle, the second with the Powershot.



Electric Lizard Daylily taken with Amazon Kindle




Electric Lizard taken with Canon Powershot


Below is Dream Keeper, first by Kindle and then by Powershot:



Dream Keeper taken with Amazon Kindle



Dream Keeper 6

Dream Keeper taken with Canon Powershot


I paint my Christmas gifts from the photos, so detail and color are important.  Still, I am on a student budget until I return to work.  So these are my options.  The Kindle does a decent job for something that I can post immediately.  However, the Canon sure has crisper detail.

I welcome any thoughts experiences readers have had with photographing these beauties.  I am hopeful for another bloom or two very soon.