Focus on Daylilies

I went camping this weekend.  It’s my semester break from my doctoral program.  However, I am teaching a class and implementing my project.  So, it was a quick get away.  I came home to find that I had missed Chief Four Fingers and Early Bird Cardinal’s first blooms.  However, Happy Returns had two blossoms to greet me.

As always, I ran out with my Canon Powershot and my Kindle to get a shot.  After that, I went in to download my vacation pictures.  On the same card are my first camera versions of the photos that I have shared here.  I thought  would do a couple of comparisons.

Below is my first bloom, Electric Lizard. The first one is by Kindle, the second with the Powershot.



Electric Lizard Daylily taken with Amazon Kindle




Electric Lizard taken with Canon Powershot


Below is Dream Keeper, first by Kindle and then by Powershot:



Dream Keeper taken with Amazon Kindle



Dream Keeper 6

Dream Keeper taken with Canon Powershot


I paint my Christmas gifts from the photos, so detail and color are important.  Still, I am on a student budget until I return to work.  So these are my options.  The Kindle does a decent job for something that I can post immediately.  However, the Canon sure has crisper detail.

I welcome any thoughts experiences readers have had with photographing these beauties.  I am hopeful for another bloom or two very soon.

2 thoughts on “Focus on Daylilies

  1. John Hric says:

    some colors are more difficult to capture. One trick that I have heard recommended ( and yet to try ) is to put a white card next to the flower and then take the picture. supposedly it helps auto-balance the colors. it is supposed to help capture the accurate shades of red and purple.
    Nice images!


    • coloradokiddaylilies says:

      That is an interesting suggestion, John. I will have to try that and see if the colors are different that way. PS, I am colorblind so I could miss a subtle difference. Mostly, I don’t see all hues of red. It is interesting for a daylily hobbiest. I suppose as long as I don’t have to find numbers hidden in the daylilies I will be fine. Thanks, again, for the suggestion!


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