Savor the Moment

The days are getting shorter.  Although it is hot now . . . as hot as July.  But, still, fall is coming. It is getting dark by the time I get off work at 8 PM.  I am beginning to want to watch Call the Midwife in the evenings and put the blog more on the back burner.  Not yet, but it is coming.


Today, I had one of my big box rebloomers (Pink and Cream) and a red Mexican Daylily (Shellflower).  They are mostly yellow – so I like the red ones.  It is cool they are peaking later than the real daylilies.


It is time for me to begin to consider matters from the heart . . . sadness, anger, grief. Such loss of so much that I wanted for life. I know where it leads . . . and I need to find new soil.   Unreal.  Life feels unreal.  The daylilies have been the perfect pause button.  I am not ready to let them go.  Hoping for several more weeks of the (more) occasional bloom. Savor the moment. Smile 🙂

A Classy Lady Comes to Town!

Ah, now I think, perhaps, the season of blooms is slowing down a bit.  At least as far as having a new cultivator every day or so.  But, hey, today I had several plants with three or four blooms at once.

But, hold on!  I did have a new girl today.  Her name is Classy Lady.  She was one of my fall auction purchases, along with Electric Lizard, Kokopelli, and Quilt Patch.  It looks like Quilt Patch will be my only non-bloomer this year.  I like this bloom – it has a shape like a gymnast.  And, a nice color to match.



Classy Lady – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Now, for my multiples – Marque Moon, Zuni Thunderbird, and South Seas.  The only down side is they burn buds fast this way.



Marque Moon – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt




Zuni Thunderbird – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt




South Seas – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


And, today brought another visit from the monarch butterfly.  This time, she chose the Mexican Daylily (Shellflower).  I got several photos – the center of the collage is my favorite.


Collage 2016-07-25 15_58_11

From L to R: Top Row – Chorus Line, Lullaby Baby, Pick of the Litter, Lime Frost. Row Two: Classy Lady, Mexican Daylily with Monarch Butterfly, Thin Man.  Bottom Row: South Seas, Marque Moon, Stephanie Returns, Zuni Thunderbird.


Thank you, garden, for the therapy.  Great positive emotion to get me through a Monday. Only 5 months until Christmas.  I have a ton of painting to do this year 😉

Peaks and Troughs

In medicine, we draw peak and trough levels after giving some meds.  It tells us where the medication reaches its highest and lowest levels.  So, yesterday, I got my daylily peak with 26 cultivators in bloom.  It’s a high therapeutic level.  For me, anyway.

Today, the level dropped off a bit.  Only 9.  So, I am highlighting my Mexican Daylily (Shell Flower) in the background.  Those bulb blooms look like blown glass.  Really nice complementary flowers in my yard.


Collage 2016-07-23 16_37_42

From L to R: Top Row – Aztec Firebird, Soco Gap, Dream Catcher.  Row Two – Purple De Oro, Prelude to Love, South Seas, Orange Vols.  Bottom Row – Blue Beat, Chorusline.


So, some statistics – I have 135 cultivators living in my yard.  Fifty-seven of those have bloomed this year, 78 wait in the wings.  Most of the new garden will wait until next year, although I am approaching a bloom rate of 20% out there.  Who knows what will happen when you turn a rock pile into a garden?

I have some in pots that did less well – much less well – than average.  I am not sure what happened to Cheddar Cheese, but all it’s buds fell off.  Nosferatu did not bloom, nor did Funny Valentine.  Inwood put forth 3 blooms and Strutter’s Ball, only one.  Next spring, more water earlier in the season.  Because, next year, my goal is 80% bloom rate. Or, bust!

The Daylily Dozen (plus one)

Today, I finally had a dozen different daylilies in bloom in my yard.  I limited photos, but it still took forever to go through them 😉  I decided to put today’s collage in some sort of order by color from purple to yellow.

I want to keep this short, but also share some new faces.  First is a brand new face, Indian Love Call.  It is a pretty dark bloom with thin peddles.  Nice addition to the front yard.


Indian Love Call – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

The next one is “almost” brand new.  I got South Seas toward the end of last season and I only got one bloom.  I love the bright colors and large bloom size.


South Seas – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

Then an old favorite, Route 66.  I found this one the year that Route 66 was the epicenter of my Southwest road trip. The hybridizer created this one back when Route 66 was still more of an American dream trip.  The colors are spot-on.


Route 66 – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

Another new face today is my first “Mexican Daylily” that is really called a Shell Flower.  These blooms got their nickname because each bloom only lasts one day.  I love the beautiful pattern on the bottom.  These are bulbs that I got for $1 at the grocery store in February (all 12 of them).


“Mexican Daylily” – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

And, finally, below is my Daylily Dozen. It is of note that Colorado Kid almost looks like a different flower now that it is hot.  It is up with the dark reds but was a pink in earlier blossoms.

Collage 2016-07-11 17_51_57

From L to R. Top Row: Kokopelli, Purple de Oro, Black Ice, The Colorado Kid. Row two: Indian Love Call, Route 66, Ruby Spider, Early Bird Cardinal. Bottom Row: Mesa Verde, South Seas, Primal Scream, Lady Fingers.

What’s up for tomorrow?  Lucky 13.