Savor the Moment

The days are getting shorter.  Although it is hot now . . . as hot as July.  But, still, fall is coming. It is getting dark by the time I get off work at 8 PM.  I am beginning to want to watch Call the Midwife in the evenings and put the blog more on the back burner.  Not yet, but it is coming.


Today, I had one of my big box rebloomers (Pink and Cream) and a red Mexican Daylily (Shellflower).  They are mostly yellow – so I like the red ones.  It is cool they are peaking later than the real daylilies.


It is time for me to begin to consider matters from the heart . . . sadness, anger, grief. Such loss of so much that I wanted for life. I know where it leads . . . and I need to find new soil.   Unreal.  Life feels unreal.  The daylilies have been the perfect pause button.  I am not ready to let them go.  Hoping for several more weeks of the (more) occasional bloom. Savor the moment. Smile 🙂

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