Black Ice on a Summer Day

Black ice reminds me of winter roads in Colorado.  I live rural and often have had a hefty commute to work.  Black ice is why I prefer to be off those roads by sundown.  And, it has caused me to fall on my face walking the dogs a few times, too.

Today, though, Black Ice brings positive emotion.  I love this new addition to my garden!  First bloom today.  It looks like black velvet to me.  And, it spilled pollen down it’s front peddle.  This is another Ned Roberts creation that is in my new Southwestern garden.  Black Ice may not remind everyone of the Southwest.  It does me.  I live here.


Black Ice – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

Other blooms are Early Bird Cardinal (That yard flag in the background has a red cardinal on it and next shot, I will untangle it for the photo.  Those colors are very close!)


Early Bird Cardinal – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

And, huge old Ruby Spider!


Ruby Spider – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

Lastly, poor frail Electric Lizard’s last bud (for now).  I am cutting off its fans to see if it will thicken up.  I am hopeful for a couple more blooms this year.


Electric Lizard –  Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

I have a bunch of buds that look nearly ready to bust.  Wild Horses, Mesa Verde and Saratoga Springtime look the closest.  It looks like more Black Ice is on the weather report for tomorrow (or soon), too.  I can’t wait.  It’s better than an Easter Egg hunt every morning!

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