Daylilies @ Dusk

I made it home to find 11 different daylily cultivators in bloom.  Thing is, though, it was dusk.  And, it had been a very warm day.  In the 90s.  So, my little friends were too burned to take good flash photography.  So, I went with grainy natural lighting with some photo-fix to help.

New bloom in my Ned Roberts garden is Desert Icicle.  I am hoping for a fresh one very soon!  Pretty thing.  Prarie Blue Eyes is on oldie but goodie in my yard.  Great older daylily.  And, what I think is Just Plum Happy.  I hope it is in bloom tomorrow with Return a Smile so I can confirm identity.  Other than that, I believe they are all returns this year.  Can’t wait to see what the daylight brings.


Collage 2016-07-10 Daylilies@Dusk

Top row: Just Plum Happy, Canyon Colors, Margaret Mitchell, and Return a Smile. Second row: Lady Fingers, Purple De Oro, Desert Icicle, Early Bird Cardinal, Ruby Spider. Bottom row: Soco Gap and Prairie Blue Eyes.


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