I caved and got a Stella

I am a creative . . . so, I always have to do things in a new and different way.  I have nothing against Stella de Oro, except that everyone has one if they own daylilies.  Stellas are pretty generic daylilies.  Simple, yellow trumpets.  But, they bloom and bloom and bloom.  So, I decided to add one to my collection.  Mind you, I put one in several years ago before I was this into daylilies, and it disappeared.  I killed a Stella!!!


The blooms are down in number, so I will go back to posting individual photos.  Return A Smile was back with her small scape of reblooms.


Marque Moon was smiling down from the heavens.   I love the detail in the edges.


South Seas was still rocking the blooms!  (Mine looked better than the nursery ones I saw today.)


Pretty little Autumn Jewels was back.  She did not produce a big scape this year, so this may be its last bloom.  But, given she was a spring joiner and a root, it’s pretty good!


And, hallelujah my Skinwalker finally put out a decent bloom.  Hoping it settles in and does better in the future.


Baja is such a sweet and velvet looking bloom.  It reminds me of red velvet dresses that my girls wore for a photo shoot when they were little.


I will close by saying that this is the time of year that I get scape fever.  I go to the nursery and find ones with lots of scapes left.  The advantage of nursery bought plants is they are ready to go.  I added South Seas, El Desperado, and Marque Moon at about this time last year.  They are some of my most thriving cultivators this year.  The downside is less variety and cost.

No matter, there is a smile for every bloom.  This keeps my spirits up (and keeps me in broaden and build) as I look for my next career opportunity.


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