Tiptoe Through the 2016 Daylilies with Me!

I may be dating myself, but I will never forget Tiny Tim singing Tiptoe through the Tulips on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in.  When I decided to make this compilation of all my 2016 cultivators (all have bloomed, although some still have scapes/buds), it was a little like tiptoeing through my garden.  The song came to mind.  I would like to redo this with the day of the first and last bloom (in blooming order) sometime this winter when it is minus something and I need a daylily fix.  It serves a purpose of not just lifting the spirit, but providing a timeline for predicting future years.  So, here is the movie.

PS – My blooms today were Red Hot Returns, Frans Hals, Heirloom Heaven, and Orange Flurry.  Mostly, though, my work was fertilizing pots and moving one daylily to a sunnier spot.  I was just reading up on it, and I do think I need to give these guys some nutrition twice a year.  It is the desert, after all.   I need this foliage to be a bit less anemic when the spring comes around, again.  It is all a learning curve.

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