Out of the frying pan, into the fire

Daylilies for 2017 ordered. Unless Solstice, my cat, killed the potted ones that she dug up. So, I wait for spring.

My Amaryllis are done. The bulk of my poinsettias are hibernating, at least to some degree. I have over a dozen and figured I’d loose a few by spring.  So far, all still have green stems.


They have been spending warm days on my fiber glass back porch. It’s on the south side, so makes a good ggreenhouse.  My evergreen daylilies are out there. Man, I hope Mesa Verde, Canyon Colors, and Wild Horses are resilient. Not happy with my beloved Solstice a out this. For now, we wait for growth.

I’ll update when the new growth comes. I’ll be putting the poinsettia pots in with the daylilies.  Can’t wait.


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