Daylilies: My Gateway Addiction

I want to start by saying that daylilies are a gateway addiction.  They bring flow, or engagement, though. So, it’s an authentically happy addiction.  This winter brought poinsettias, amaryllis, orchids, and calathea. Oh, and growth to my Rex Begonias.  . . Maybe their colorful leaves are also a gateway.

My last post was about poinsettias in hybernation.  I lost the one that I posted the picture of last time. Of 16, I’ve lost 2. The one in this photo (below) has beautiful purple bracks (or colored leaves). I think it’s going to pull through, though it has no leaves other than a couple sprouts like this. The releafing is in its early to middle stages on all of my babies, who live on the sun porch by day.


Purple poinsettia

The orchids are still blooming, mostly.


The Rexs and Calatheas just have showy leaves year around. I live the colors.



And, today, I turn to my outdoor garden, where daylily sprouts are everywhere.  The ones in pots on my outdoor porch get the most southern exposure.  They are getting big! This is Ruby Spider yesterday.


Spring is only hours away!

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