First bloom: The Yellow Trumpets

Today brought my first bloom of 2017. A golden Stella de Oro. Well, more like two Stellas. Simple yellow trumpets are the early birds. Happy Returns will join, soon. So will Ruby Spider . . .the one in a container on my patio. It gets hot back there. That bunch is always a couple weeks ahead.


While Stella led the way, more scapes became visible.  Indian Love Call, Pink Enchilada, Stephanie Returns,  Isaac, Early Bird Cardinal,  Mesa Verde, Heron’s Cove, Red Hot Returns, Lady Fingers, Royal Palace Prince, and Prairie Wildfire.  And, a tiger that the nursery wasn’t sure what it was . . . So, I got a big discount. The list grows. I’m hoping for a 75% bloom year.

This blog will be different this year. Last year, I was finishing up my doctorate.  I had a lot of flexibility to be in the garden and playing with photos. This year, I work 45+ hours a week for Western Governors University. I’m committed to the blog, but it needs a new approach.  Because, sleep is good.



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