Estimated Day of First Daylily: Tomorrow

Stella in half bloomed, so I think it’s safe to say my first daylily of the year shows up tomorrow. I have to give up AM news for camera time in the garden. It’s better, the garden.


I killed my very first Stella a few years back. Then, I got into daylilies, and Stella seemed too common. But they bloom all season. So, last year, I hit the sales and got a few.

I have a growing number of scapes popping up. It’s like watching popcorn start to pop. Kokopelli, Soco Gap, Papa Long legs,  Hopi Jewel, Happy Returns, Ruby Spider, Chama Valley, Strutters Ball,  Wild Horses, Ghost Ranch, Funny Valentine,  Inwood, Jungle Queen, Return A Smile. All have scapes. And, it’s just the beginning.  I guessed Juneteenth (16th) for bloom 1. Off by 9 days. I’m good with it.

I have a lot of friends who think I’m a Lily expert. Daylilies are not really lilies. They are more closely related to Olathe Sweet Corn. And, I hope they do as well in my high desert garden.

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