Switched at Birth?

I went camping this weekend, so there was one day that I missed my blooms.  I got home today at 4, and rounded the corner to my outside porch.  I start counting blooms, and I spy a new one for the year.  But it is totally the wrong color.  It is mauve and white, I was expecting light yellow.  What’s the deal?


Last year, I planted my two New Mexico named daylilies in the same pot.  I labeled them (I thought).  Last year, Ghost Ranch bloomed.  So, one of the two plants is decidedly larger.  So much so that the smaller one got its own pot to see if I can beef it up a tad.  I thought Ghost Ranch was the one in the big pot.  Apparently not, because the bloom looks like Chaco Canyon.  It is odd, I still can’t figure it out.  Chaco blooms early and Ghost Ranch is later.  So, we will see.  Maybe the fans are mixed now.

Anyway, remember when I said I would only post photos of new blooms?  I have a few today.  Please know that it was 4 PM when I got home so some of the blooms are past their prime.  But, the garden explodes in color.

Here is Hopi Jewel:




Lady Fingers:


Prairie Wildfire:


Red Hot Returns:


Chama Valley


Tomorrow there are several possibilities for new faces.  I think Wild Horses, Inwood (I missed the first bloom on Saturday), Mesa Verde, Stephanie Returns, Pink Enchilada, and Soco Gap are close.  Any guesses????

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