The Wild Horses of Mesa Verde are in My Garden

Today, three newcomers!!!  The two mentioned in the title of this post are two of my all-time favorites.  And, believe it or not, neither resides in my Southwest garden.  But they sound like they should.

Wild Horses is a breath-taking bloom because of the striking pattern.  I see the horse in it. Do you?


And, Mesa Verde is striking for her ruffles.  This daylily is amazing to watch bloom.  It takes until nearly noon . . . like waiting for a baby to be born.  Also, notice how the color turns from pink to bright orange.  (4 photos, below)





Lastly, an old friend, Early Bird Cardinal.  It is a sweet red ruffled bloom.


And, for tomorrow . . . I think Stephanie Returns, Pink Enchilada, Inwood.  A couple of my near blues are getting close . . . Bluegrass Music.  Now, there is a story to tell about that one!

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