Bless the Beasts and the Daylilies

I wonder what life would be like without my puppies and my flowers . . . they add so much that would otherwise be lacking.  If I live to be 100, it will be to experience another daylily season.

Today, there were lots of new faces.  Interestingly enough, Bluegrass Music is still unbloomed.

Aztec Firebird is a favorite.  It is one that has taken off in the Southwestern garden.  Very happy, and the blooms are more reddish this year.  I have a painting of this one somewhere, I think.  First blooms are often a little less showy than the follow-ups, but still pretty cool.


Primal Scream is another favorite – and today I feel a little like a primal scream!  It looks a little weathered from the sprinkler and the heat.  It was very busy at work today, so I did not get out to take a photo at peak.


I have two that bloomed today that were bonus plants.  If you know about buying bare root daylilies, you know about bonus plants.  They are fun in the garden.  The first one is Longlesson Showoff – it is a first bloom ever in my yard.  The second is Pick of the Litter in its second year.



And little Purple de Oro.  I have one in a pot and one in the front yard.  I was going to give the potted one to my daughter, but it is sort of growing on my where it is.  People can see it from the sidewalk when they walk past the house.


I’m not sure about new blooms tomorrow . . . I didn’t get much of a chance to bud count this evening.  I did put in a little solar drip system for the two daylilies in pots by the driveway.  Hoping for some blooms, but think they may not perform that well this year.  It is getting a little late to resuscitate in time for 2017 blooms.  But, that’s why I have to hang around until next year . . . every year.



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