This weekend is my home weekend . . . so working on yard stuff today.  Not much new in bloom,  despite having 16 in bloom.  The half-bloomed bud fell off of Bluegrass Music 😦  But, South Seas did have a first bloom today.  I love the color combo.  It’s kind of iridescent.


The big project of the weekend was irrigation, again.  I dug the big rain barrel that my renter had (yes, 11 years ago) and hooked it up to a solar drip system.  I know those solar drip systems get lousy ratings.  They are somewhat disposable every year.   They are a pain to get running but once they are pumping, they work pretty well for a decent amount of time.


At first the system was just for the existing pots – Prairie Blue Eyes and Route 66.  But the barrel is kind of ugly, so I decided to put in some annuals.  I also rescued Hesperus, Saratoga Springtime, and Orange Flurry from where they were.  Too much shade, not enough water.  Curious to see if I can get blooms next year.   (If I do, I may go for a pretty barrel!)

I also put in a drip line (this one goes to the hose) for my daylilies in the edge garden.   It is going to be much easier to turn that drip hose when I do the other watering than to carry the can.  Both of the new areas are places I have thought of expanding my daylily garden to when I run out of room other places.  So, off we go with a pilot study!

For tomorrow – Maybe Bluegrass Music or Zuni Thunderbird.  Who knows what else?

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