Glen Eyrie: Colorado Heritage in Bloom!

So, Glen Eyrie bloomed today for the first time.  I added this guy last fall.  Anyone who knows Colorado can guess that he was picked partially for his name.  The Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Spings is a famous tourist attraction within the state.  So, this guy was hybridized close to home.


I painted a tile of him last winter from a photo on the web.  What do you think?


As for tomorrow – I’m not sure how much new stuff there will be.  Sort of waiting for a second wave to hit.  I think my front garden needed more water earlier, but I still have lots of scapes.  Maybe Wineberry Candy?  Sounds good to me.

PS – I tried the Tobasco sauce for earwigs.  The blooms wilted fast.  Maybe I’ll just add Tobasco sauce to my soap weed spray???  Just a little.

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