Fruits and Veggies: Health Blooms Day!

I went on a short overnight camping trip last night.  It was mid-afternoon before I pulled in the driveway.  I enjoyed the night in nature, but was curious to see what was in bloom in the yard.

Rasberry Propeller is one of my Ned Roberts daylilies.  No, not a Southwestern name.  A hybridizer was out of what I wanted, so it was a replacement.  It is in a pot in the front yard.  I think it will go in the ground next year.  Or, a bigger pot.  I think I’ll only get two blooms.  Despite the heat and high UV, it is still a cool bloom.


The second bloom that is new for the year is Blue Beat.  This is a favorite near blue – up there with The Colorado Kid and Blue Grass Music.  Ths sun scorch turns it to purple – so hoping for an early morning picture tomorrow.  Mildred Mitchell did not bloom this year – I think she needs to be divided.  I can’t wait to get an early morning shot.


Tomorrow will be my last day in the garden for a few days.  This is like leaving a good movie in the middle to go to the restroom and wondering what you missed.  I am hoping to see a couple new ones tomorrow . . . Maybe Best Seller.  There is also a tiger named one that is close.  Some are late this year, too dry, I think.  Rain has just not happened this summer.  I need to get soak hoses for those gardens, too.

I bought pots this weekend, as my next project is to dig up the daylilies in the front garden that haven’t bloomed and do partial buried pots for them.  Too much competition, so the pots give them their own space.  Always something .  .  . Daylily therapy!  Thank goodness for daylilies and camping trips right now.


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