21 Days!

Sitting in a hotel room some 300+ miles from my blooms.  I wonder what bloomed today? Best Seller was so close – I’ve waited 3 years!  It was one of the first roots that I ordered.  I hope is saves some buds.

So, I decided to make a chart showing which day each flower has bloomed.  So far, I have had a 27% bloom.  I hope I can get to 50.  I don’t ever expect to hit 100.  But, I do want to see it increase every year.  I move them, I water more, I add fertilizer, I trim trees (pending).  It is quite a learning curve . . .

In looking at the number of days each cultivator has bloomed, Ruby Spider definitely wins the prize of the most days in bloom.  It helps that I have 3 of her in different places in the yard.  She is one of the oldest ones, too.  She is the icon of my daylilies.  Bloom on, Ruby!


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