Smiles are a sign of human engagement.  And, for now, my smiles are daylilies.  I miss my mornings in the garden and am thankful for my photos.

Last night, I praised my Ruby Spider for having the most days of blooms.  Tonight, I praise Return A Smile for having the longest run of blooms.  She was the first one, and she was blooming on Monday when I left.  She has scapes that survived that late snow storm. She was purchased at the same time as Ruby Spider . . . maybe 8 years ago.  They live in the same planter – which seems too small but they thrive.  Return a Smile, Like Ruby, has been divided and lives in 2 locations in my yard.


It gives me some faith to see them flourish.  I figured it out, and if all those with scapes bloom, I’ll be at 42% bloom this year.  I hope a few more produce.  I have to dig some more up and put them in pots.  I may bury the pots – but they need better soil and less competition to stand a chance of blooming.  I wonder if I’ll need to do that in the Southwestern Garden?  For this year, I think I’ll try breaking through the clay a little deeper and see what next year brings.

Farming is hard work, yet it brings a sense of engagement and purpose to life.  All of the world’s longest living people garden.  I can understand why.

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