Remember Kodachrome?  And, the need to get enough film for all the photos you might want to take ahead?  And rewinding the film? Processing?  I would go nuts (and broke) in the daylily garden if life was still like that.

This summer, I am trying to tame my desire to take 15 photos of the same daylily on the same day.  Seriously, though, lighting and angle do make a difference.  So do 10-hour work days.  And, so I am trying to find a happy medium.

Today’s only new bloom is Baja.  This one is such a cool red color – it has been blooming in my yard for a few years now.  And, for some reason, I only got one photo of it in full bloom today.  I guess I had calls to make to students and didn’t want to be late.  It did not open until after my work day started.


For tomorrow, I think Black-Eyed Susan is close.  She is new this year.  Maybe Orange Vols.  I have a lot of newer scapes still on some that have not bloomed yet.  The bugs have gotten the better of a few.  Hoping for a nice second peak very soon.

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