It is so good to be home.  However, I found the need to catch-up on a little sleep took priority over the garden work I had wanted to do.  Work travel weekends are a little awkward in the summer.

At any rate, I had several new kids in the yard today.

El Desperado is a favorite.  It is so odd, because he didn’t bloom much last year.  This year, lots of scapes and buds.  I moved him 3 feet.  Right next to him is Canyon Colors, who bloomed like crazy last year but did nothing this year.  I think I will divide it this fall and see.  Time to start giving away extra roots!


Lime Frost is my only real off-green daylily.  I love this one with its big, fluffy near white blooms.  And, it sounds like a treat from Dairy Queen.  (Same bloom with and without the sun shining on it.)



Mini-Pearl is in my yard because my grandma’s name was Minnie Pearl (she hated in and dropped the Minnie).  My car is named Mini Pearl, too.


Razzmatazz is a cool little purple flower that reminds me of Purple de Oro.


It was kind of a low bloom day – less than 20.  Last year it peaked again the 3rd week of July.  I am hoping!

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