The Icon of Orange

Today, it was almost rainy.  There was thunder and clouds . . . and a few drops of rain.  It was cooler, and I began thinking about fall.   I felt a little sad knowing that I was cutting off spent scapes much more quickly than new ones are going up.  Having a new daylily every day is probably not going to be with us long.  The blog will fade into the background as I start to do the elbow-grease stuff to make next year more successful.

At any rate, Orange Vols showed up for the first time today.  I absolutely love these colors. If Ruby Spider is the icon of red blooms, Orange Vols is the icon of orange. I have painted this one a few times!


Speaking of painting, today I started to think about how I would be painting some of these this winter.  Then, I thought of the seasons and my favorite things about each. Spring is desert hikes and my annual Southwest road trip.  Summer is camping and . . . daylilies (of course).  Fall is the colors and harvest.  Winter is painting.  Daylilies, of course.

Tomorrow, perhaps Best Seller’s only other bud.  I hope it survives.  And, well we will see what the rain brings.

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