Where is the Rain?

Today, we were supposed to get a lot of rain.  Maybe flash floods.  I wasn’t sure I would get any work done in the yard on split-shift, but I worked outside the whole afternoon. More on that in a minute.

Today brought 2 new blooms.  Royal Palace Prince was a bonus plant a couple years ago.  It has done better than some of the purchased plants.  It reminds me of Pick of the Litter.


The second new face for the year is Apache Uprising.  It is the second year for this one.  I like the red.  It reminds me of Baja a little.


I also like this photo of some of my last near blues today – Blue Beat, The Colorado Kid, and Bluegrass Music.


I don’t know about a later peak this year.  Bud counts down and buds dropping.  March was warmer than April.  And, we had the late May snow storm . . . then no rain.  Last year was better in the front garden.

I feel like I am freeing hostages.  Daylilies that are not flourishing, but could under different circumstances.  Buried pots in order for several in the front garden.  Today, Catherine Irene and Happy Happy.  Neither has ever bloomed here, and this is going on 3 years.  Others that need a transplant include Alabama Jubilee, Coburg Fright Wig, Navajo Blanket, Primal Scream, Lacy Doily, and Heavenly Curls.  All have had either extremely low bloom this year or have never bloomed.

When I dug up the two today, I was amazed at the other roots that were woven in with theirs.  And, in one case, an ant hill.  The whole front garden looks so dry.  I have the sprinkler on daily.  I need to get a sprinkler hose or something.  I wonder if eventually, all 100 plus of my in-ground daylilies will be in buried pots.  That makes me tired to think about it . . . but it worked well for the veggies.  Come on monsoons.  Where are you?

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